Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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The power of prayer ....
The power of love ....

The power of prayer is not to be misjudged, if man wants to cover the way of higher development in the shortest time, because prayer is the conscious connection with the heavenly Father, prayer is the conscious utilization of the Divine grace.  It is through prayer that the relationship with the Father is established and humility, faith and childlike trust are expressed.  And prayer is the surest help, because the Lord considers everyone who turns to Him in prayer in the distress of the soul.

And so the human being completes his way of life in the right way and has not spent the earthly life uselessly, because he fulfills his task with Divine power, of which he always made use through prayer.  Thus, on the one hand, full trust in help is necessary to fulfill the earthly task completely, but on the other hand, the will to make oneself worthy of this Divine help, because he who takes, should also give .... Whoever makes use of God's help, should also show the Father in heaven through his own actions and thoughts, that it is his will to serve Him and to live according to His will.

Prayer, which rises from the heart to the Father, always requests the strength from God, and the soul will feel grateful when this strength reaches the earthly child in such a great measure that the striving for perfection becomes easy and also leads to success.  For God gives unceasingly, if only His gift is requested.  However, who does not need the Divine help, who believes to get along without all grace from heaven, his soul is weak, because the earthly burden presses it down and it lacks the strength to swing itself upwards.

It is the Lord's will that you avail yourselves of this power, for it is at your unrestricted disposal, but you cannot be provided with this power if your will rejects it or does not desire it because you do not have the faithful confidence that your path in life can be immensely successful through it .... And so, the struggle of a person who does not want to acknowledge the power of prayer, will be incredibly difficult - and he can only perfect himself through an extraordinary activity in love.

But this is an unspeakably difficult beginning without the conscious connection with his Creator, because the love-power in him must become so strong, and he must therefore unconsciously make use of the power from God by doing on his own initiative what is pleasing to God and is thereby blessed by the Lord and given His grace.  But whoever lives in love, will also soon recognize the Father .... And he who has found the Father, will ruefully remember the unused time in which too little strength was imparted to his soul through his resistance, for the time on earth is only short and should be utilized in the most imaginable way in order to reach the state of maturity in the shortest possible time and to be able to leave the earthly life once as a being of light ....




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