Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0892 30.4.1939

World of peace ....
Leader of the peoples ....

He who serves the people as a leader must, as it were, exemplify the right life, he must be active in love and only ever let love become the motive of all action.  For whatever he undertakes must never have the opposite effect; it must not give rise to hatred and unkindness, for then the life of the soul of the one who persists in hatred would be endangered.  Truthfulness and justice must guide the actions and love must condition everything.

Whoever lives in constant threat, his heart cannot be accessible to love, he will go through life in bitterness, and this cannot be beneficial to the soul .... But he who gives to people, and does so unceasingly, who does everything to win the true love of people, also awakens love continuously and will also conquer all hatred and discord, so that a world of peace surrounds those who are truly willing to love and give.  Therefore, man has the right to apply the standard to the conduct of the individual, whether and to what extent this generates love or only seeks certain advantages in earthly relations.

Who fulfills all his tasks and does not seek his own advantage thereby .... whom is always only driven by the love for the people to be active for their best, his deeds must also have such an effect that a state of peace, a deep inner happiness takes possession of the people, they remember in love the heart of their leader and can now devote themselves in all tranquility to the care of their inner life, without having to fear to be in constant danger, which is caused by greed, envy and unkindness and just results in the decline of everything spiritual.  And by this you will know whether the world of peace is in you and around you and what your inner life is like, and you will be able to judge whether the tasks of a leader are fulfilled correctly for the blessing and salvation of his people. ....



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