Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Inner Peace ....

Enlightenment of the spirit is inner peace .... He who has been enlightened, possesses a feeling of security and peace, for it is he who has already partly overcome matter and only turns to the spiritual.  And so he will never be disturbed by earthly things to the extent that he goes through life without peace and impatiently, he will rather be in the happy state that nothing touches him unusually anymore.  He will live through everything, but with little involvement of the heart. .... He will also not suffer particularly from events that would otherwise have shaken his whole being, but will accept everything as a concomitant of daily life, which is only intended for him by the Divine Father for the purpose of further perfection.

And nothing can disturb the inner peace, which only appears more and more tangibly the more the earthly child makes an effort to fulfill the will of the heavenly Father.  For now the soul no longer has to suffer so much under the pressure of matter, it lives up to it's true destiny, and the struggles of the opposing power are no longer to be feared so much, therefore the soul is in a state of rest towards all earthly events, while it is, however, spiritually more and more active.  The earth and it's desire just are in contradiction with the spiritual life and can never be corresponded to both at the same time.

The earthly life with it's demands will also always cause restlessness and lack of peace, while the spiritual life and striving gives the soul the state of rest, i.e. only with regard to earthly experiences.  This will always render the spirit of man insensitive to all heaviness, which is his earthly fate, and man can follow his actual task without disturbance, as long as he only desires to be allowed to dwell in spiritual regions.  He will also be relieved of a definite worry, because spiritual assistance is granted to him in all troubles and worries, both of the body and of the soul, and he will well perceive this assistance, and his inner peace will only rarely be disturbed by incidents which would otherwise have shaken him out of his rest.

It is mostly worldly worries that worry man and make earthly life unbearable for him, but whoever with full faith offers them up to the Father in heaven, whoever asks Him, and that in the spiritual realization that He is the Lord over all events, whoever therefore transfers these worries into the spiritual kingdom, will be visibly freed from them, and peace of heart will again have the upper hand, and banished will be what seems to the earthly child to be a burden and could impair his spiritual striving.

And so your whole striving should always be directed only to consider your spirit .... you should pay no attention to the earthly demands, but always long for and ask for brightness of the spirit, and the heavenly Father will carefully guide you through earthly life and keep away all heaviness from you, so that you find and keep inner peace, in order to be able to promote the spiritual life all the more diligently and thus to lead your soul to the state of light ....




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