Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0899 5.5.1939

The moment of death ....

In view of the approaching death, the spirit brightens up in a flash, and it suddenly becomes clear to the man how far he was of wrong faith .... For up to now, a force has wrestled him down, which he did not resist willingly enough; but now he realizes that his will alone would have been sufficient to resist this force, that he could thereby escape the spell of the evil powers, but instead did nothing to free his soul, this realization is very depressing and turns the hour of death into an hour of struggle. ....

He now struggles with all his strength against them and tries to wrest himself from the fetters, and man does not know how often such an hour can still be beneficial for the one departing from the world .... how he sometimes succeeds in being stronger than the opposing power, and through his great desire for the Divine Savior and Redeemer, he can already banish it and the entry into the eternal kingdom can still be a peaceful and blissful one.

And when the life-struggle is over, an enormous spiritual struggle for perfection in the hereafter will certainly still begin, and the soul will still have to catch up a lot, but once it has recognized on earth, then the striving in the hereafter is a conscious one, the soul seeks to make up for the wrongly used earthly time in extremely strenuous activity, it only always has the desire to give, because it has completely become love and solves the task which is given to it.

Therefore a timely passing away on earth can actually only be welcomed joyfully when the soul of a bright spirit has recognized the purpose of earthly life and now the final liberation from matter has become it's greatest aim.  For this is God's will that every spirit should be active for the other, and that, if this will was not fulfilled on earth, the same struggle for the erring souls must begin in the hereafter, because only in this way, complete redemption is possible. ....



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