Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0902 7.5.1939

Divine protection ....
Suffering ....
Prediction of world-events ....

This is My will that you obey the One who gave you life .... and never rebel against what I send you.  For I truly overlook your situation, I see your spiritual hardship, I see the path of suffering your soul has to go if it does not pay attention to Me .... And if I want to spare you this path of suffering, I must give you another suffering to bear, which is far less than the one in the beyond, and you must bear this in submission and be willing to comply with Me if I demand your commitment .... And you will soon realize that I only have your welfare in mind, and whoever willingly offers his service to Me, will truly be spared suffering.  After all, his striving is already aimed at uniting with the Father ....

And I will cover him with all power, and I will protect him from the hatred of the enemies, and this shall be proof for you that no worldly influence can harm you.  It will only result in more and more lively spiritual activity, and your faith will grow stronger, your love will become powerful, and My grace will flood you, because I give to My disciples in abundance .... I make that they do not feel any suffering which comes from outside - on the other hand, they tangibly recognize Me and My work and seek and find the union with Me.

What will happen shortly is premeditated, and will also contribute to the fact that your writings are believed because it is clearly recognizably My Work, available for him who only wants to recognize.  And all the world will become perplexed and turn their gaze to the height.  Because it is a renewed manifestation of My will to again send instructions to mankind in all love and grace, of which the following of it is of greatest necessity, if you do not want to become a victim of the world-events.  You have not awakened the spirit in you .... And if you remain in the darkness of the spirit, you cannot reach Me ....

And again I admonish you, do not let the time pass by unused, because the sufferings of the earthly time are to be called small compared to the suffering which awaits you over there when you have to leave the earthly life unprepared.  And who of you knows how near the hour of death is ....?  Who of you can judge how significant a single day in earthly life is for life in eternity .... and how your striving for spiritual good will consequently be fulfilled to the best of your ability if you only desire it quite sincerely.  Because I have immeasurable treasures ready for you and therefore for everyone who entrusts himself to Me, asking willingly to receive, so that he receives what he asks for.

If this is rightly recognized by you, you are under secure protection, because I do not leave those who have walked the way to Me and now see their final destination in Me.  And so I urge you to use all strength that comes to you, for you will need it in a difficult hour, you will need great strength and spiritual refreshment, but everything shall come to you, for My will commands and demands you, but My love gives and My source of grace is inexhaustible .... Therefore do not fear the coming time, but ask for strength, and I will give you abundantly, so that you can work with Me and in My name, when the time has come ....




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