Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Spiritual sight ....

Those who indulge in the world, cannot understand spiritual wealth, but those who live in God, to them are given in abundance .... And so it is quite easy to recognize who stands in the truth and who is subject to error, and therefore a spiritually blind man will never be allowed to presume to pass judgment, for he sees with the eyes of the world, and these do not penetrate into spiritual territory.  Conversely, however, a spiritually active person will be allowed to take a look, and all obstacles will disappear from his spiritual eye, and what he sees, will not be visible to the naked eye, and yet it will be clearly perceptible to the spirit's eye.  To reach this state, is extraordinarily happiness for the earthly man and will also not be denied to him, but it does require the strongest will of man to make the gift of spiritual sight his own.

The spiritual is hidden in all matter, and therefore this spiritual must inevitably come into function .... And it is this activity that visibly appears to the spiritually observant.  It is like a constant use of spiritual power, it is an exchange of inflowing and outgoing power taking place in all regularity and therefore a constant pulsation of the original power guided by God through all works of creation, to which every being, just like every work of creation, contributes by itself.

What man is able to see spiritually, is in no connection with the earthly abilities of such beings, but is a completely isolated activity - and only the really spiritually advanced man can arbitrarily and at any time put himself into the state where spiritual seeing is possible for him, and this always also presupposes the will to draw any benefit from such grace, and therefore such is only then allowed by the Divine Creator when there is no longer any danger of coerced faith, when therefore whatever the earthly child gets to see, does not exert a damaging influence on the soul of the person involved.

And therefore only such earthly children are admitted, who can already register a certain spiritual maturity .... i.e., it must be able to reproduce the observations with awake sense, what he sees, and also to grasp it fully himself, which determination lies at the basis of all activity, so that he, purely earthly seen, is spurred by this perpetual activity himself on the utmost, in order to give again the spiritual in himself, all possibility to develop .....

He who is able to see spiritually, will also soon have overcome matter and only remain on earth for the sake of his fellow men, because this state will already be a stay in higher spheres for him, and matter will be left behind, so to speak, because it does not belong in that world. .... But a conscious looking into the spiritual kingdom brings unspeakable benefit to the earthly man and should therefore be striven for with full will, because it is important to increase spiritual wealth and to collect imperishable treasures for eternity.




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