Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0911 13.5.1939

"My kingdom is come from above ...."

And My kingdom has come from above .... and mankind does not believe it.  They think they know and yet remain in deepest darkness of spirit and every attempt to rouse them from their sleep fails, because the night of death holds the soul captive and the day with it's light is not desired .... And everything points to the time which I mentioned on earth.

And so listen then: All of you, who believe to walk in the Spirit of the Lord, pay attention to the events of the world .... do not worry about your temporal well-being, but think about the endlessly long time in eternity, which brings the most bitter suffering to those who did not find their way to Me on earth.  Therefore, take upon yourselves everything that the world wants to do to you, so that you can only help the many who err.  Do not leave the erring to their fate, but seek to bring help to them, because if you walk in love to Me, these attempts will be blessed, but you must willingly take the suffering of earth upon yourselves and carry for My, your Saviour and Redeemer's sake.  Because the earth will be one single source of fire, because everywhere people seek to detach themselves from Me and to fully compensate in earthly possessions for what they give away.  The precious time on earth passes for people unused and brings only the complete apostasy from God, to Whom they should strive ....

The sun with it's rays is not able to break through the coldness of the heart, and the conditions without the warming rays of the sun, will be agonizing one day, because who remains in the night, withdraws from the beneficent effect of the Divine sun of grace; the suffering of earth is to be a warning for you, it is to announce to you that you still walk in darkness; it is to be My loving warning for you to still turn back on earth from the previous way of life and to still desire the light.  And recognize in all world-events the work of the Divinity, which wants to draw your attention to the approaching end of this time, to the forthcoming purification of all spiritual, and so consciously ask God, your Creator and Redeemer, so that you do not fall prey to eternal darkness. .... For the sufferings on earth are only of short duration, but the torments in the hereafter are endless ....

The kingdom of God has come down, and it is not of this world.  It does not apply to your body, but only to your soul, and so you must also grasp it with your soul and not ask how far it is beneficial to your earthly body.  Nothing will remain that gives you joy at present in earthly goods, but the kingdom of God will be imperishable, and good for him who receives it, if it comes to him.  My kingdom is not of this world and can therefore also not be perceived with physical eyes, but it is possible for you to grasp it with the spirit, and spiritually you will also perceive the bliss and recognize the truth of everything that I announced to you at the time of My earthly walk ....

The immense misery on earth has moved Me to accept anew the children of man in all love and mercy and to bring My kingdom close to them again, but the power of the adversary has fanned the will of rejection so strongly, and the will of man offers no resistance to it and still stands in the greatest danger .... And those who recognize this, are to be active for Me and unceasingly seek to bring light to those who still walk in the deepest night.  They will do nothing without My assistance.  This assurance of Mine shall be a comfort to them and at the same time an incentive for ever more active work for Me, for it is My children for whom I fear and for whom I long with all love ....




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