Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0913 14.5.1939

Examining the revelations ....
Most faithful devotion ....
Truth ....

Pay attention to the words that come to you today: It is indescribably difficult for the receiver of God's Word to remain in the same confidence, and it requires his strongest faith to accept every Word without doubt as Divine revelation.  However, recognizing that every gift from above, is subject to Divine protection, it is of the utmost importance that the receiver surrenders himself in fullest confidence to the Divine guidance .... that he only ever accepts and is the executor of the ministry to receive and to pass on.  Every evaluation of the gift is not his task, because the Lord considers on his part in all wisdom whom He has called to it, and on the other hand, the earthly child never has the ability to check a Divine gift for it's truthfulness.  The right way to heaven's door is only passable in the most faithful devotion ....

The Divine power and the Divine will rule over all power of darkness, thus it is never to be feared that a child longing for God can lose itself in the snares of evil .... For this is His power, His protection and His security, that it strives towards the eternal Godhead, it's Creator and Father.  In such a desire, the opposite power cannot approach the human being and can therefore also cannot exert any influence by expressing itself in the same way and making the will of the human being usable for it's low purposes.

You humans on earth are in a certain compulsive state, you pay too much attention to earthly appearances, you do not recognize the origin and the basic evil of wrongful thoughts.  A man seeking the Godhead, is eager to escape from the adversary, and what the man consciously takes a stand on, that also passes over into him, and the adversary has to watch his endeavor powerlessly, and he has no influence, unless the man falls back into his weaknesses and thus gives himself into the hand of the adversary again.

But the will, which is meant for the Divinity and only always strives for union with Him, is not to be touched by the other side, and therefore man also never has to fear that the spirit of untruth could express itself in such announcements from above, and therefore all doubts are invalid, which could worry a truth-loving mind.  The Father in heaven already chooses the right fighters for His name, and He will know how to dispel any doubts, because the Spirit of God is extremely wise, loving and just .... and you may confidently leave yourself to His guidance .....



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