Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0915 15.5.1939

Faithlessness ....
Chaos ....
Distress of the earth ....
Helmsman ....

The time has come when everything rebels against God; it is a chaos in spiritual relationship, which puts all previous lack of faith in the shade; and it has come so far that also people who still acknowledged their Creator, deny their faith, in wrong consideration now submit to the worldly laws, because earthly advantage seems to accrue to them through it.  It is still left to the free will of man to decide, and therefore those people cannot answer for their actions towards the Creator, but it will also come so far that who serves the world, is forced to deny his faith - because otherwise he has no possibilities to meet the earthly demands.

And so I warn again not to discard of Me for the sake of earthly advantage, because who guarantees you that you can enjoy earthly things? .... And who has the entire fate of mankind in his hand, and who can lead you also out of earthly trouble? .... Only your lack of faith can cause you to fall away from Me, because you no longer recognize Me, you switch Me off completely and build your earthly life yourselves.   And yet you will have to experience that the Creator of heaven and earth cannot be denied, you will feel His hand, and that in a less pleasing way, so that you do not forget Him, but awake from the spiritual sleep.

The world wants to raise servants for Mammon, it is always only eager to kill everything spiritual in man, and this will have such a terrible effect when the great misery starts, because man is then completely helpless and abandoned, if he does not know the One to Whom he can turn, seeking help.  And everything will collapse under him and around him, which has been his support up to now. .... The earthly world will become shaky and offer no security for the life of the individual, and only he will be strong and not helpless, who looks up to the Father of the universe with true faith and entrusts his fate to Him ....

I know My children and protect them, and I will also remember the weak who do not yet make their will completely serviceable to the earthly commandments .... I will strengthen their will so that they will still recognize their true Father in the last hour and give Him the honor.  A time of grace is still granted, and the misery of the earth will announce itself to you .... make use of it and seek refuge in it to the heavenly Father, because He alone can bring you help in every misery; but do not pass over it carelessly, when extraordinary appearances give you food for thought .... Put everything in connection with the misery of the time, which you humans alone have conjured up for yourselves through your faithlessness .... Do not presume to create your own faith ....

You will only bring yourselves to ruin and will feel the power of the One Who is above you.  And therefore recognize where you are heading and try to steer your little ship of life into the right course .... let Me be your helmsman and throw out the anchor of faith .... let yourselves be driven by love and put all your hands on yourselves so that you reach your destination, the eternal home, safely and can feel secure in the harbor of Divine Love ....




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