Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Teaching activity in the afterlife ....
The eagerness of imperfect beings to learn ....

The eagerness to learn of the still imperfect beings in the hereafter, once they have recognized, is untiring.  They seek to acquire spiritual treasures everywhere and accept everything offered to them with diligence and gratitude, and so is teaching in the hereafter also an office that is exercised with all diligence and devotion, for it depends on the one who teaches, what benefit the recipients derive.  Earthly people accept what is offered to them only after long hesitation, while in the hereafter, the beings observe and examine everything quietly at first, but very soon they come to a realization, and then they acquire the spiritual knowledge with the greatest zeal, in order to be able to utilize it again on their part.

Because since they have gone through their own misery, caused by the lack of spiritual good, they are now eager to protect the other spirit-beings from the same fate and give them everything what could reduce and shorten their agonies.  And every gift is gratefully received, because with it, power goes to the beings at the same time, and therefore every being strives for the height, if it only once get to taste spiritual food and now only longs for Divine nourishment.

For the one who teaches, it is also immensely gratifying to preach the gospel to the poor in spirit, because love drives him to do so .... For in order to be able to teach, he must be in love and in light, that is, he must have reached a certain state of maturity or perfection, which also presupposes love in a great measure.  All teachers are therefore driven by the love that dwells in them to renounce, i.e., to give up their knowledge to everyone who likewise desires Divine wisdom.

And so every being in the hereafter can continue to draw from the Source of grace of Divine love, and that in increased measure, he also takes part in the connections of the hereafter to earth.  The initiated communications let the being on the other side also take a close look, and unlimited knowledge is offered to the earthly children and can be likewise received also in the hereafter.  The desire of these beings is indescribable, and the love of God is infinite, and so He continues to give His grace to the beings who desire the truth .....




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