Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0923 19.5.1939

Recognition of the wrong way of life is reason for repentance ....
Helpful beings ....

Every human being is burdened with the consciousness of heavy guilt, if he thinks about his way of life and considers that the embodiment on earth is granted to him as a grace and that he is not using this grace as he could have, if he had a serious will.  This awareness is so extremely depressing and peace-robbing, but it can also sometimes be a reason to give up the previous life and to deal with the salvation of the soul from now on - i.e., to seriously pursue the goal and purpose of life and to adjust oneself in such a way that the earthly task is taken seriously.

What was neglected up to now, man tries to make up for and can often make the pleasant discovery that a spiritually striving man finds support from every side .... For his will became active, and this causes the helpful spirit-beings to stand by him in every still often approaching challenge from outside, which he can now resist with the help of those beings.  For without this helping power, the striving upwards is unspeakably difficult for man.

The purpose of life is to unite with the Father in heaven.  Whoever has the serious will to bring about this union, beings willing to help will immediately come to meet him and strengthen his intention and give him strength to carry it out.  And therefore there can be no relapse once the will for perfection has come to life in man, because the eternal Divinity grasps so to say the child longing for Him and places it in the midst of a sphere of activity, which makes it possible for him to live this perfection and to use his life to the best of his ability for eternity.

And from then on, man can no longer resist the Divine love, he recognizes the Godhead, firmly trusts in Him, gives himself into His will and is thus completely permeated by the Divine Savior, and all actions and thoughts will only apply to the reunion with the heavenly Father, and when peace has entered his heart, man recognizes that he is walking the right path that leads upwards ....




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