Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0925 21.5.1939

Spiritual weakness ....
Decreased ability to receive ....

The spirit's state of weakness has to be overcome, because there is too great a task to be fulfilled to allow listlessness.  And only the serious will is always needed to remedy such a state of unwillingness, because man should receive the Word of God joyfully .... but the weak spirit can also not joyfully affirm what is offered to him.  It has such an influence on the teaching spirit-beings, if the earthly child does not pay attention to the teachings with full awareness, they cannot easily make themselves felt and cannot convey the power if the receiver is not receptive.

It would therefore also not be possible to transmit deeply spiritual good to you if the spirit is weak and cannot follow attentively.  The more willingly the earthly child devotes himself to this work, the easier it will be for him to receive it, and even if apparent advantages could move man to interrupt the connection from the beyond to earth for a short time, this is nevertheless a gross neglect of the Divine commandment or rather of the will announced by God, because this destined you to receive the Word and it was completely up to you to take over this office or not.  But your unique promise must also remain upheld and may not be arbitrarily withdrawn or made invalid, because those who teach you, eagerly await the moment every day when you turn your thoughts upward and prepare to receive.

And it is therefore so unspeakably blessed when you can establish connection with the Lord quite often during the day, when never again a state of alienation cause reception to be neglected, because only a receptive and joyfully expecting earthly child is fully able to bring such a work to completion, because truth is to be desired with a hungry heart to be recognized as such and also to be able to be passed on.  For God's wisdom is profound and can only be comprehended when the earthly child is in fullest agreement with his otherworldly teacher.  And then such an earthly child will rather renounce earthly joys and pleasures than give up the connection with the world beyond and appreciate the great grace to be connected with his Saviour and Redeemer and to hear His call, Who shows His great love .....




   A new call

The is looking for translators.

Dear friends of the Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde,

for your information: Unfortunately, only a little less than a third of the work has been translated into English so far. So there is still a lot to do.

Therefore we are looking for translators who would like to help us to continue translating this work into English.

As a native English speaker with a love and understanding of these revelations, you have the right qualifications to help further translate this great work and participate in its dissemination. Your possible cooperation is expected with pleasure.

If you are interested, just contact us. Contact offer



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