Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0927 23 & 24.5.1939

Lack of faith ....
Power of prayer ....
Coincidences ....

Remember the Lord everywhere and at all times, and you will also become aware of His faithful care in all hardships.  Whoever places himself in His care does not need to worry about what tomorrow will bring, and whoever lifts his eyes to Him in right trust, his fate is in God's hands.  The man of little faith, on the other hand, resists the danger from outside and yet cannot turn it away from himself, for he needs it to awaken or increase his faith and trust in the Lord, and if he is now timid and does not grant his prayer any strength, he will have a hard time fighting, and this only because of his lack of faith.  In the time to come, all those who lack faith, will be in dire straits, and a palpable pressure will weigh on them. ....

(24.5.1939) If man, for example, puts himself in a situation of having to decide on an important matter and thereby not to be oriented on how the taken decision can have an effect, then a certain uncertainty will always seize him, and he will understandably ask for advice, and he will now turn to someone who is able to judge the benefit as well as the harm which every decision entails, and he will advise him to his advantage.

In exactly the same way, the Divine Savior wants to be asked for His advice in every earthly matter, because He is able to create the greatest possible advantage for the earthly child, which has not only a physical, but also a purely spiritual effect on it.  But this also requires that the childlike connection to the Father be established first, because only a child is able to pray to the Father so intimately that it will also be fulfilled.  And that is why the Lord called to all of them: "Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest ....".

And if the Father in heaven gives you this assurance, your faith shall be built up on these words .... You shall unconditionally accept what the Lord and Savior says .... not doubt and not hesitate to comply with the Divine will and carry an unlimited trust in Him in your heart .... And you shall remember the everlasting care of the Divine Lord.  Not for a second does the Lord withdraw His will from you, His creatures.  The most diverse coincidences in life should make people think that all events in life happen according to a certain wise plan as it is the case, and these coincidences are just a visible intervention of an invisible power.

And therefore also man must stand in the midst of all events, and the Controller of all work of creation must also be granted the power to avert the destined fates at will, and therefore man needs prayer, so that he himself has it in his hand, to hand over everything difficult to the Divine Lord and thereby to be allowed to walk his earthly path unburdened and to choose, so to speak, the path which brings him the greatest advantage in a spiritual respect without, however, switching off Divine power - for it is only this which secures the right success for the earthly being .... but it has to be asked for consciously and thereby the human being acknowledges the Divinity in deep faith and His work in love, omnipotence and wisdom .....




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