Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Mystery of the Trinity ....
God the Father ....
God the Son ....

Behold, My child, I see into your heart and know your will to serve Me, but I miss your soul's faith in the omnipotence of Divine Love, and so you will always hesitate when obstacles stand in your way, where unrestricted faith can remove these obstacles for you, for I will never abandon him who desires My love, and if he now needs My help, it will be given to him always and in all places.  And if your heart urges you towards Me, I will be close to you and keep everything away from you what could disturb the connection with My child.  Because I need trusting souls .... I still have much to say to you and am therefore always ready for you if your heart desires Me.

And so detach your thoughts from the world and hear the Voice from above: The mystery of the Divine Trinity has still been for man the cliff at which he has failed.  And therefore today again an instruction is sent to you, which, without leaving any doubt, shall contribute to the solution in all clarity and shall reveal the problem to the thinking man in an easily comprehensible way .... And so the Spirit of God came to life, and the light shone bright and clear .... For the Divinity has mercy on mankind and seeks to give it enlightenment for every unsolved question.

The human being is not able to grasp one thing that the Divinity in all fullness is able to hide in a being, but that the pure spirit is inseparable and the most unworthy being stands in closest connection with it, that therefore also under the eternal Divinity only this inseparable Spirit is to be understood and everything that has come out of Him is spirit out of God .... only the feeling of belonging to Him no longer recognizes correctly and thus separates or removes itself, but nevertheless is always only a Divine product, thus is always and eternally as original substance, spiritual out of God .... Who therefore distances himself from the Divinity, no longer recognizes himself, but still remains what he is .... but who seeks connection with Him, consciouslysenses this spiritual affiliation ....

And now you will be able to understand that the mystery of the Trinity of God can be explained as follows: The Love of God has made Himself known to mankind as Father .... thus as the origin of mankind .... Love has bridged the separation of mankind from it's Creator and has embodied Himself in a man, whose Spirit recognized his affiliation to God and Who was therefore as it were one with the Divine Father-Spirit.  And therefore the human being was only outwardly a being for himself - the Spirit, however, was God's .... The original relationship was established, the Spirit recognized Himself, and therefore God was in all fullness in that which became His abode on earth in order to be visible to mankind.  The Godhead united with the human body had became visible in order to let the people recognize the distance which they themselves had created.

Divine Love became active and put the Divine wisdom into the heart of the God-man.  For His Spirit was one with God and must therefore also be in all wisdom and able to use all Divine power .... The wisdom of God must express Himself through the mouth of a man, and therefore all the work of Jesus on earth was the work of God through the Son of Man, but not that a second being expressed himself through this.  And the term God the Father .... God the Son, cannot be explained in any other way than that the Father-Spirit from eternity revealed Himself through the mouth of man, that God the Son is the same as God the Father, only made comprehensible to man through Jesus Christ, who overcame the separation from the Father-Spirit precisely through the realization that He belonged to Eternal Love ....

No-one comes to the Father except through Me .... Is this easier to explain than that everyone who wants to unite with the Father, must also recognize that the Divine Spirit in Him, is inseparably connected with the Father-Spirit and that everyone must find this way and therefore follow the Divine Redeemer in everything, Who has exemplified His life to those who - like Him - desire to go to the Father.  This is not possible in any other way than only by following Jesus, Who - as Son of Man - gave the example that only the Spirit out of God has to recognize his belonging to Him and that then there are no more barriers that separate one from the Father .....




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Dear friends of the Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde,

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As a native English speaker with a love and understanding of these revelations, you have the right qualifications to help further translate this great work and participate in its dissemination. Your possible cooperation is expected with pleasure.

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