Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0933 27.5.1939

School of the Spirit ....
Earth-life as an educational station ....

Every single creature is subject to the law to graduate from the school of the spirit - and it must do this compulsorily through all periods of development in order to be released from the compulsion in the last stage and then it is free to make use of the possibilities which serve spiritual development.  The earthly child can be instructed in the most exhaustive way, if he only wants to be instructed .... Spiritual power is available to him at any time, which initiates him into everything worth knowing for his soul's salvation.  Spiritual admonitions are also constantly sent to him, which he can hear through the inner voice, and all this is always only a means to the end to reach the spiritual state of maturity, in order to reach that height, which means the sphere of light for the earthly being and differs considerably from the stay of the unfinished beings lying outside of this sphere.

As long as man does nothing to improve his spiritual state, as long as he is only purely earthly concerned about his well-being, the state of the soul will always remain the same as when he entered earthly existence.  Then the soul has arrived at a dead point .... it does not strive for higher development, seeks neither spiritual food nor knowledge and therefore does not change it's state in the least .... However, the time on earth passes, and days and years are spent uselessly .... Because the soul has no share in all experiences, but only the body.

What would be part of the soul, is not tangible to man and therefore often not desirable.  And yet the only important thing on earth is that the spirit is awakened and comes to development.  For the earthly life is only then the station of education for man, when the soul gets through to higher and higher knowledge and thus the school of the spirit is consciously completed and the result is the state of perfection, which secures the entrance into spheres of light after bodily death and that is the purpose and aim of the embodiment as a human. ....



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