Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0935 29.5.1939

Angel passing through the world ....
Natural phenomena ....
Distress - Worry .... Poem

An angel goes through the land, and his effort is to bring light to the people and to hold them back from the abyss they are heading for.  So it happens on behalf of the Lord that the world experiences great things and is visibly kept in excitement.  The sun covers itself and only rarely lets it's rays penetrate to the earth, or it scorches in great heat where it is Divine will.  The earth is afflicted in every way; the powers of heaven and earth unite in order to make mankind attentive by every event.  The minds of the people are to be burdened so that they would long for deliverance from this pressure and contribute to it themselves by trying to make life easier for each other where it seems unbearable.

This angel who walks through the world, makes himself known in the roaring of the storm, in the whispering of the wind, in scorching fire, in pouring rain, in lightning and thunder and in every natural phenomenon, in every catastrophe .... because all this is God's will and therefore only imposed on mankind by His permission.  And where the human intellect also want to try to explain the connections of all this sensibly and to justify, there the law of nature is still not explained sufficiently to exclude the reign and work of the eternal Deity.  The human intellect is the barrier, which rises up and blocks the way to the knowledge of God.  Think less and believe more, and you will still increase in knowledge and will soon be able to book a rich treasure, and then the effort of the commissioned angel will have succeeded in bringing you enlightenment, if you pay attention to everything happening in nature around you and lift your eyes upwards .....

Distress and sorrow


(Take note that in the world, worry takes it's hold .... that suffering presses you incessantly, until you look up to heaven .... For in the coming earthly time, only he who always trusts only in Him, will be immune from sorrow .... only he who faithfully looks up to Him, escapes torment and distress, for He, as Lord over life and death .... He will help you at any time, He will keep away all suffering from the one who begs Him for protection .... He will hear the prayer when the earthly child in distress finds the way to his Father and is ready to serve Him .... This child remains His for eternity ....)



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