Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Consequences of intellectual backwardness ....

The spiritual condition of people is far more precarious than you believe, because you still walk along with great peace of mind, where you would have to turn away, shuddering, if you would correctly recognize the spiritual condition.  And it is of greatest importance for you to receive enlightenment on what consequences this backwardness of yours entails.  You attach almost no importance to the spiritual higher development in earthly life, but pay attention only to the body and it's desires - but you do not pay attention to the soul and do not know how dreadful an effect has this inertia of yours on the soul, how no other salvation can be brought to you than that the danger, which threatens you bodily and mentally, is put so quite vividly before your eyes.

See, all your life on earth has failed .... You look back on your life at the end of it's days without any satisfaction, because it brought you no progress, and all earthly suffering is to be called small compared to the big suffering which awaits you now over there.  And it would be easy for you to participate in all spiritual work, if you would only keep this "later" in mind .... Life demands your entire commitment if you want to master it and raise yourself to the rank of lord over all unfit weaklings who shy away from the struggle for life.  In the same way, the spiritual life demands only the will to work for it, it demands attentiveness, determination and utmost truthfulness ....

But then you will also overcome earthly life, and an eternal life will beckon you in all glory, you will then, instead of serving, be able to rule over the spiritually unfit or arrogant souls in the hereafter .... it will give you an unspeakable delight to look back on life and to stand in fullest realization that it was rightly used for spiritual progress, you will realize that only the knowledge of spiritual things can be weighed in the balance, and earthly knowledge is valued equal to zero by the Divine Saviour and Redeemer ....

You will accept without hesitation everything offered spiritually as pure truth and seek to enrich yourselves with treasures of every kind, but which only let the love for God and the neighbour arise in you and are therefore purest spiritual good, because all earthly efforts will be recognized at the end of the days as useless and worthless, and such a recognition will let the people perish in remorse and self-reproach .... there will not be an option to chase away this feeling of remorse, but it will endlessly gnaw at man when he has left the earthly life.

And therefore, still during his lifetime, hints are sent to him again and again to save him from having to perish in the hereafter under suffering and remorse.  And mankind should pay attention to it and only try to give a little account to themselves, on how far they contribute themselves to promote the spiritual state, and then compete to reach the highest possible level of perfection still on earth .... This struggle is difficult, but of such unspeakably beneficial influence, because it gives man the possibility to leave the earth as a being of light and to enter the kingdom on the other side.  For everything that the Father in heaven gives, is a sign of His unchanging love, which wants to protect you from severe suffering and therefore lets His grace reach people in all abundance, so that everyone receives what he needs to strengthen his spirit .....




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