Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0941 1.6.1939

Refinement of the neighbor ....
Rejection ....
Hour of recognition ....

This is the right faith when man sees My work in all events and he does everything in full confidence what his heart advises him.  I am constantly near you and direct and guide you, and therefore your actions cannot go against My will, where your constant striving is for the spreading of My Word.  The only way to recognize leads only along the commandments of love .... Whoever takes care of a soul with a loving heart, thereby already brings the Divine influx close to it.  He will have an extraordinary ability to influence people mentally, he will, as it were, find connection with the still unawakened spirit through love and stimulate it to become active.

Everything in man demands liberation from the fetter, has now fallen into a completely inactive state and has become powerless and therefore urgently needs stimulation.  Man believes himself able to reject everything spiritual, always in the erroneous view to evade thereby the responsibility - but he does not recognize his own situation .... and is therefore also not endeavored to save himself from the danger .... But the hour of recognition must also come to him, and he can be blessed if this still happens on earth .... Then he still has the full possibility to form his life according to the right destiny. Although he remains in permanent defense, he inwardly pursues these thoughts and his unused earthly walk will appear before his eyes with frightening clarity. .... The spirit in him relentlessly demands justice and can no longer be held captive ....

He pays attention to the voice from the beyond and has to accept it against his will.  And so all spiritual striving is accompanied with success, even if often little visible, because only very rarely man will openly admit how deeply the words of the Lord touch him.  He does not want to admit it to himself and yet he is under the spell of the Word coming from above.  The burdens of earth fade into the background, and henceforth the bridge to the hereafter is no longer impassable, but often taken up by seeking, yet doubting earth children.  And all this can be done by the love of a man standing in the service of the Lord, who only strives for and wants to give the ennoblement of his fellow men, and since only the joy of giving is the basis of action, also the seed will not have fallen on stony ground .....



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