Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Imperishable good ....
Prayer for the deceased ....
The power of love ....

All earthly wealth is replaceable, but what was neglected to acquire in imperishable goods, is irretrievably lost for eternity.  The Lord has given the children of the earth time and leisure to make these goods their own, since they are of inestimable value for the actual life in the hereafter.  The will of man alone determines whether such are desired and acquired or not, and a man who only cares for life on earth does not pay attention to the grant of grace, which could increase his heavenly wealth .....

He is constantly active only for the sake of earthly advantage and will therefore one day stand empty before the gate to eternity.  And this is of such serious importance.  For even if his life on earth has passed in well-being and without worries .... he can take nothing of his earthly wealth with him, but is now dependent in extreme poverty on what is offered to him in love by other souls.  And now, what he has accomplished in good deeds on earth, will be decided and have an effect.  He will reap the reward for these or have to lead a desolate life in the hereafter completely naked and empty.

The soul is then in extreme distress if it is offered no help anywhere, and everything unpleasant and difficult, which it knew to escape on earth, will now pursue it until it has recognized the error of it's views of life on earth itself, and now has the will to create another life, another state for itself.  For again the will of the soul alone is determining, and it can also bring about a change of the situation over there in the hereafter.

It is therefore infinitely valuable if the soul has left behind dear people on earth who remember it in love .... For the power of love is the only help which can be offered to it, and therefore you should always strive to cultivate love .... Only love can bring salvation, and when a loving heart prays for a deceased person from the bottom of the heart, it sends imperishable goods to him in the beyond, and this means relief and help for the soul, which still struggles for knowledge.

The body has been well taken into account on earth, but the soul was thought of too little or not at all.  Now, however, the soul has to bear the consequences of the wrong life on earth, and often in the most bitter way. .... But happy are those who soon recognize their error, because although they still have to struggle unspeakably, this will nevertheless be successful, because every soul will be helped, if it's striving for light is recognizable. ....




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