Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0946 4.6.1939

Purity of the heart ....
Happiness of union ....
Weakness of faith ....

In the purity of the heart, man is able to feel the presence of the Lord, because it is the first condition for specialization and thus the manifestation of the Divine Spirit of love.  Man cannot yet grasp the difference between whether a being walks with or without the Lord in him.  For the former is still a foreign concept to him as long as he does not experience it in himself.  But the union with the Spirit of God with the Divine spirit-spark in man is so exceedingly intoxicating and therefore also indescribable, that everyone would strive to experience this happiness.  But this is not attainable for man in any other way than through deep faith and a God-pleasing way of life, which consists in the utmost activity of love towards his neighbor and is thus rooted in the love for God.

Whoever is pure of heart, lives according to the Divine will and thus draws the Divinity to himself.  Purity of heart is also necessary to receive God as the purest, most honorable Being in Himself .... clear and blameless must be the way of life of the one whom the Divine Savior dignifies with His presence .... Love must adorn the heart for the most splendid dwelling for the Lord .... And His all-encompassing love will outshine everything, and unification will now be accomplished ....

If now misery approaches man and he threatens to become wavering, then again and again a barrier is set which prevents the Divine Saviour from entering the heart, because faith is weak .... and only a strong, rock-solid faith opens the door of the heart.  With weak faith, the incomprehensible happiness would be unbearable, it would make man completely unfit for earthly duty, but strong faith would enable man to do extraordinary earthly work, and so it will be comprehensible to you that your weakness of faith is still an obstacle and you have to struggle in prayer, so that you first become master of doubt, to be able to enjoy the great happiness already on earth.

A heart cleansed of all dross will also banish all doubts and thus await the Lord with full faith, and through this deep faith, it will consciously be able to bring about the union in the shortest possible time, but the doubter will still be deprived of the highest happiness on earth until he has won through to the strongest faith ....




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