Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0948 5.6.1939

Necessity of natural disasters ....
God's will become form....

It is of the utmost importance to realize how the will of the Creator is determinative for the entire work of creation.  Nothing is in the world which could oppose this will, and all works of creation are the will of God become form.  Thus never a single work of creation can separate arbitrarily from and continue to exist according to other than the Divine law.  As soon as God would withdraw His will from it, it would cease to be; because only the will of God incessantly animates all existing.  It is this will that has become form, which remains untouchable until all eternity.

Even the destruction of any creations, which however, better said, only means an outer change of form, is equally Divine will, because without this will, it would not be possible for any being to bring about the slightest change of a form, let alone to destroy whole works of creation.  Therefore also here the will of God must always be active, and since nothing in the work of the Lord can be arbitrary or haphazard - but in all wisdom predetermined again for the best of the innumerable living beings - so also every disaster must be paid attention to and it must be accepted as necessary for mankind.

Because countless beings need an apparent work of destruction to have the possibility for their part to the higher development, and likewise such processes are also salutary for mankind in a certain sense, because only through it, many a person finds the right relationship to God and recognizes the transitoriness of his body and the earthly goods .... He recognizes that he as a human being is completely incapable of resisting these catastrophes and must therefore again acknowledge the will of a supreme being .... And it will now be more understandable to him that the being on earth must always submit to the Divine will in order to remain in the Divine order .... This realization is decisive for the earthly life of man.

Only when he recognizes a higher power as such and tries to live according to the will of this one, he is able to comprehend the Divinity and the whole work of creation.  For since man as the only being was given the freedom of his will, he cannot oppose the Divine will, but through rejection, and it is this will of rejection which means the separation from the eternal Divinity, and the distance of the earth-being from God can only then decrease when his will completely subordinates itself to the Divine will.

However, if man does not even want to recognize a higher will of a Deity directing and determining himself and the whole creation, events must of necessity give him the proof - and therefore natural disasters are a certain necessity again for the spiritual welfare of the whole of mankind, if it only draws benefit from it and recognizes in all events the rule and work of the eternal Deity and now consciously establish the right relationship to the Creator .....




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