Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Freedom of the spirit ....
Dream ....
Spiritual realm ....
Matter ....

The spirit of man is familiar in all creation and can therefore run unhindered through the universe, no space and no time is set as a limit for it, it is able to take residence everywhere at any time, and can therefore also remove itself while dreaming from it's outer cover, since it does not need a period of time for it to return again into the body.  The spirit is out of God and therefore present everywhere at the same time, and therefore the human being can be bound to time and space, but the spirit in him is free .... he knows, sees and hears everything, only not yet perceptible to the human being itself, as long as he is still too much matter and has little sense for the life of the spirit.

And so it will now also be understandable to you that all knowledge can be imparted to man through this spirit, it only lies in his will to hear.  And to his astonishment, man cannot grasp a process that underlies the essence of things.  The earthly shell is only a temporary, foreign realm .... but the spirit is at home from eternity in the realm of the spiritual.  Therefore, even in the time on earth, since there is no limit to it's movement, it must stay there for the most part .... and it must also strive to portray the actual home to the human being, who is its shell on earth, as thoroughly as possible ....

If the will of man meets him, then he is able to reveal undreamed secrets to him and is in every way endeavored to lift him up into the spiritual kingdom and to make him turn away from earth.  The slightest will of man is enough that the spirit pushes itself forward, because the flight to the height in spiritual spheres is most welcome to it, if it could only once break through the spiritual human darkness and exactly this will has freed it .... If, however, the spirit is still completely in bonds, if it is enclosed in the human shell and must remain in it until man, i.e. his will, has become active himself, then understandably man will always move in thought on earth, he will never try the ascent to the height with his thoughts and consequently can have no other knowledge except his earthly worldly wisdom.

The purpose of life on earth is and remains the awakening of the Divine Spirit in itself, the liberation of it from the bonds of darkness, which is therefore matter .... For only the man who begins to overcome matter, loosens at the same time the fetters of the spirit.  And only then the spirit can accomplish unimagined things .... For only now it can unfold, the spiritual kingdom is open to it, and it can now also let man have insight into this .... He can, so to speak, bring the spiritual kingdom close to man, increase the longing for it, so that man's will is only meant for the attainment of spiritual glory. ....

What reveals itself to man in a dream is often a pictorial representation of the spiritual life; and also in cases where warnings are to be sent to man, they are direct indications of some events.  But the spirit will always want to express itself to man, it will always want to transfer something from the spiritual kingdom into the consciousness of man to influence his thoughts to turn more towards the spiritual.  It is so extremely important to cherish just such thoughts and to pay attention to them, but man in his sober thinking, rejects all too readily all such thoughts, which could let him digress from his earthly activity. ....

He therefore rather pursues the unimportant and leaves the most important in life unnoticed and gags accordingly the spirit-spark slumbering in him until he recognizes matter as completely worthless and strives out of own will to the height .... i.e. the spirit in itself then gives the freedom to rise into the spiritual kingdom at any time .... Then he will be able to create again and again, because unlimited spiritual truth can go to him through the Spirit of God that has become active in him ....




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