Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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"Become like the children ...."

"Become like children" - says the Lord - "so that you may be of the same spirit with your Father-Spirit and pay Him the love and honor due to Him."  Thus John first heard the voice within himself, because in childlike love for the Lord, he prayed thus:  "You my great love .... my heart rejoices when I am near You, and it follows You in every step .... This is true life, I feel it and give myself entirely to You .... I want to be Your child always and forever, because I desire You with all my heart, with all senses, with all strength ...."

And so you should also pray to the Divine Lord and Saviour; you should offer your heart to Him with childlike humility .... you should love Him fervently and intimately and express this love by walking according to His will in love for Him and your neighbor .... You should change completely to love and thus become one with Him, Who is Eternal Love Himself.  From eternity the Father only has the well-being of His children in mind, and if you recognize this, you must love Him and become true children of your Father.  And if you are like a child, then you are also fully believing, fully trusting and flee with your concerns and in every worry only to Him, Who - as your Father in all love - takes you to His heart and frees you from suffering and worries.

Your prayer should be childlike and humble .... not fearful and doubtful, but in prayer alone you should express your relationship with the Father .... Everything that the Father has, He wants to give to His children, so the child may also ask for it and faithfully hope for the fulfillment of his requests, and the more intimate the filial relationship is established, the more lovingly the Father takes care of His child .... He leads him carefully by the hand, so that he does not fall or bump into a stone .... He protects it from the dangers of the world and does not let it get lost or go astray.  For it comes to the Father in deepest faith and will therefore also be thought of with His love for all eternity ....

The beings on the other side make an effort to inform you of everything that is worth knowing for you, and they want to announce to you in as comprehensible a way as possible, everything what is necessary for you to know to be able to be successfully active on earth.  It is extraordinarily advantageous for you if you live through what you have received again and again in your spirit, if you can read and think through the Scriptures more often .... This is the only possibility to be able to transmit new knowledge to you, because first the head and heart must be filled by what is offered to you, only then the knowledge about things can be made accessible to you, which are otherwise hidden to you people.  And so also today a proclamation shall reach you, which touches the relationship with the heavenly Father.

Bring everything that seems difficult to bear or be unbearable to you on earth, trustingly to the heart of the Father in heaven .... His child on earth must not want to go any way alone, it must not believe that it could overcome the inconveniences of life alone .... and it must also not become timid about the success of it's earthly or spiritual work.  It must always take the path to the Father and know that it will find help there at any time.  And the Father in heaven wants that always and in all things His help is asked for, because this alone characterizes the right relationship of the child to the Father.  All fear and doubt must be banished from the heart, because the Father has promised His children His help. ....

"Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest ...."  Does not all comfort and assurance of Divine help lie in these words? .... And still the earthly child wants to be weak in faith and does not want to entrust his sorrow and his worries to the Lord.  And it must therefore be pointed out so often until fullest faith makes the still existing wall of separation between the Father and His child waver .... The way to the Father is free for every earthly child, if it does not block this way for itself through it's own guilt.  Of all means of grace, the closeness of prayer is the strongest .... because through it, the child achieves everything with the Father. ....




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