Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0960 12.6.1939

The spiritual sun ....
The heavenly Gardener ....
The Word of God ....

The sun of the Spirit has risen and it's rays ignite the right love for God in the heart.  And wisdom shines and illuminates the dawning morning .... And what slumbers is awakened by the light's brightness.  All life unfolds, and the will for activity becomes active.  And what was dead, is revived .... it awakens to life in the sun's warming rays.  And all this is brought about by the Word of God, which, like the shining sun, infuses the soul with life-giving power and can have a tremendously fruitful effect on the human heart.  But this also requires a gardener who, in wise knowledge, exposes his plants to the rays of the sun in such a way that they can flourish and develop.

The Lord works in the same way .... He protects the tender plants from scorching heat .... He does not let the starving earthly child take a sudden look into the spiritual realm, because this could harm him.  And yet He also does not let it starve and does not deprive it of the beneficial effect of the sun's rays .... He gives the child on earth uninterrupted spiritual nourishment and thus ensures it's prosperity and it's further development.  A little plant, which must be deprived of light and warmth or rain and dew, will waste away and soon miserably wither. .... Likewise, without nourishment from above, without the Divine Word, an earthly child cannot develop to it's fullest bloom; it needs an uninterrupted influx of spiritual power, the light of Divine wisdom and the warmth of Divine love, and can flourish only if it receives these uninterruptedly.

And the heavenly Gardener cares for His plants with heavenly love and patience.  He lets the most wondrous creations arise in the universe, and everything is subject to His will.  And everything is animated by spiritual power.  Thus, the garden of God is subject to His creative will and is carefully tended and cared for.  And the Lord lets His sun shine on every little plant, and every little plant strives for the light .... Only man, as a creature of God, standing in free will, sometimes escapes the beneficent effect of the light, the spiritual sun.  He as the most precious plant in the garden of God, is considered with special love by his Creator .... all food intended to promote his prosperity is offered to him.

But how often is the light of the spirit and the warmth of love not received?  .... The little plant withdraws of it's own accord from the beneficial effect of the spiritual sun and perishes completely, while it was offered it in all it's fullness and all it's strength.  The sun with it's light and warmth is indispensable for the flourishing of everything that lives on earth, and likewise the Word of God as the spiritual sun, is the first condition for life one day in eternity. ....




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