Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0961 12.6.1939

Temporary desires are the influence of evil power ....

When the thoughts rise upward, the heart is willing, and it consciously seeks the connection with the Lord.  And His grace and love comes to meet him, and the soul's distress is alleviated.  The earthly child will be forgiven for any lack of love if he repentantly recognizes it and suffers from it himself.  But he will also have to make an effort to make up for what he has missed with double zeal, and this will require all his will.  But the soul now recognizes the true purpose of life and finds no real peace, if it once would pursue it less.

And a complete separation from the eternal Divinity is no longer possible for him, even if matter still temporarily has an over-strong effect on the human being, so that he cannot abstain from the desire .... This is only temporary, because it no longer satisfies the earthly child completely, but this desire is only the influence of evil forces, it is the attempt of wanting to turn away from the side of the adversary .... But the Divine Lord and Savior does not let fall so easily anyone who desires Him, and the worldly pleasure will be only too soon a stale, empty pleasure for him whose heart already belongs to Him. ....

The life of the individual takes it's toll, so to speak, and man will only become master of his desires by using his whole will .... But one day he will also feel grateful that the love of the Father often disturbed his complete enjoyment, for this is only a blessing for the soul.  And so everything earthly will lose value, and the temptations will become weaker and weaker and approach the earthly child less often, because the Lord promises His help and His power to all who ask Him from the heart and prove their love to Him by letting their will become active in order to resist all temptations. ....




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