Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0963 13.06.1939

The prophets' predictions ....
The return of Christ ....

In the Lord's return to Earth the predictions of all prophets will come true. For it is written that humanity does not pay attention to His will .... but it is also written that a number of people will serve Him and that the Lord will come to these people and give them strength in times of adversity. That He will give the bread of heaven to His Own and take supper with those who love Him and keep His commandments. And that they will hear His voice, that He will therefore be with them during their life on earth and live in the midst of His Own on earth. People do not want to take these predictions literally and try to undermine the Words of the Lord. They themselves have changed the arrangement as well as the meaning of the Words and thus no longer grant full credence to these rearranged Words. And so you humans deem Him far away even though He is very close to you .... You no longer hear His voice and all your thoughts and feelings have turned away from the divine and consequently attach no value to the prophecies. Behold, if you yourselves are unaware of the fact that the Lord pleases you with His presence .... if you can't believe that He so loves you and in this love takes the path to humanity again, then you will barely be able to grasp the infinite happiness of His return to earth either. You will only ever see the earthly life but pay no attention to spiritual currents which clearly reveal to you that the Lord is present among His Own. In a manner of speaking, He takes part in every event and His presence can easily be felt by those earthly children who, through their works of love, already carry Him in their hearts, for the prophesies' meaning will suddenly become clear to them and they will realise how the Scriptures will come true, Word for Word ....



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