Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Worldly Rulers ....
Deep fall ....
Mercy ....

The circle of the otherworldly friends encloses around you more and more closely and prevents the penetration of unfair beings, so that you do not feel their power and are hindered in your striving.  Thus the influx of spiritual power becomes stronger and stronger, and if it is your will, you now receive spiritual truths to an increased extent and can accordingly contact your friends at any time without having to fear failure of spiritual power.  The eternal Deity especially urges you not to become timid when you are threatened by earthly resistance.  By only longing for the connection, spiritual power promotes you, even if not always noticeable to your body.

The spirit seeks God, and every desire is granted to it .... And spiritual strengthening will come to your thoughts at any time, and the spirit will have food and will not need to starve.  But the strength will also visibly overflow you, and it will help the spiritual good, which you receive, help you survive the struggle for life.  For the Lord gives strength and fortification to those who are in Him.  Only from time to time, resistances will still trouble you, however, only to not let you get tired and lukewarm, because all devotion is to be applied to this work, you are to devote yourself to this spiritual work again and again with true eagerness and therefore also continue to be made happy by receiving the Word of God.

And from now on the earthly events will rush, and it will be a greater and greater incentive for you to seek the connection with the spiritual world, because all earthly events will be understandable to you humans only in a spiritual way .... Therefore, receive today a teaching which shall point you to the sole power of the Creator of heaven and earth:

At all times the worldly rulers have asserted their power against their subjects.  They arrogated to themselves that right which actually only belonged to the Lord of Creation .... by elevating themselves above their fellow men, enacted laws and made their subjects slaves, so to speak .... They demanded and forced the fellow men to follow their demands.  And in the rarest of cases was real love for the subjects the guiding principle of legislation.

But if the earthly ruler uses his power in such a way that all love is eliminated and instead of it imperiousness, arrogance, greed for earthly good and excessive injustice characterize the ruler, such a ruler will never be able to find the approval of the Divine Creator, and such a rule will also never work for the blessing of a people.  In such cases, the Lord has very often brought His Divine power to bear .... He has taken away the office of the rulers often unexpectedly .... He let them fall from the height of their self-created throne into the deepest depths .... and this not without intention .... to show even such an unjust ruler still the way to conversion.

This was often an act of grace of the greatest extent that the Divine Creator let such an arrogant man recognize his nothingness and how little man can help himself when the eternal Divinity puts a bar in front of him and in the end he is nothing more than a miserable man who is at the mercy of Someone who rises above him.  As long as he rules himself, he does not think of his real ego .... he does not recognize anything higher than himself; however, once he becomes aware of his helpless situation, then he first thinks of a higher Power, and then there is still a possibility given to him to turn back ....

And so the fall from the heights into the depths, is often an act of grace of indescribable value .... it can mean the last salvation for a sinner who has completely fallen away from God, if he is not yet completely hardened and becomes aware of his nothingness.  His relentlessness and severity must fall back on himself, so that he recognizes his condemnable conduct and remembers the sufferings of those whom his severity has condemned.

If his own fate brings him to insight, it is of greatest blessing for him to conclude the earthly life in greatest misery and hardship, but to have brought salvation to his soul.  But woe to him who has been so hardened by his power as ruler that he does not want to bow down to the most powerful One of heaven and earth .... His power will one day be wrested from him, and accusers will rise against him who have suffered under his rule, and they will testify against him before the eternal judge, and his sentence will be eternal damnation ....




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