Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0973 21.6.1939

Content of the transmissions ....
Communion ....

Every transmission from above is prepared, so that your heart only needs to pay attention and receive the words, easily understandable to you.  A regulated instruction can only be carried out if the receiver, in the will to serve God, easily detaches himself from the earth and thus leaves free access to the thoughts from above .... The best means is the intimate prayer to the Father .... and the announcement will always be according to the prayer or the intimate connection with Him.  And therefore the earthly child itself determines the content of this.

His will, his desire and his relationship to God is determining, and so now the spirit is insatiable, he is also able to receive food constantly .... Everything he asks for will be granted to him .... A hungry earthly child longing for the Word of God will never need to starve, and vice versa, spiritual food will never be offered to a man who does not feel the deep desire for it, or who does not intend to accept it in indifference.

And so it is also understandable that the receiver must always long for spiritual gifts, if they are to reach him from above in highest perfection, and therefore with increased desire, they will also increase in profound wisdom, and in every offering also the bread of heaven will be truly enjoyed .... For the Lord can only draw near to the earthly child longing for Him and thus hold the Lord's Supper with him .... And He will satisfy it and draw it to His heart in all love, since it wants to participate in the great act of grace of heavenly nourishment ....



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