Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0974b 22.06.1939

Immortality ....
Eternity ....
Suicide ....

Consequently, people who consciously deny life after death will not hesitate to end their earthly life themselves since they believe that by ending their earthly life they will dispose of everything, and fail to consider the consequences of their action if they are wrong. They only destroy the outer shell but not life itself and therefore they have to continue living it .... since it cannot be destroyed, neither on earth nor in the beyond .... it is, in the true sense of the word, immortal, i.e. of eternal duration. It is not possible to end it because the Creator has created the being out of Himself and everything of divine origin cannot possibly perish. For that reason the Creator, in His wisdom, has ordained that there shall be no limit for the being to reach its state of perfection .... that even in eternity it can steadily advance and thus be constantly active and give as well as receive .... without ever becoming exhausted or ever having received the ultimate from the eternal Deity. The earthly human being can barely conceive the concept of 'eternity', neither can immortality be completely explained to him since nothing on earth is everlasting, and since the immortality of soul cannot be proven to him he has to believe it. Likewise, human intellect cannot analyse the time concept of 'eternity' either. This attempt cannot possibly lead to a result as long as the human being cannot apply the same comparison to a physical medium. He only accepts something as true when he has conclusive evidence. And therefore there remains only faith again .... The human being has to believe what cannot be demonstrated to him, and thus the immortality of the being throughout eternity must precede all other reasoning ....



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