Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0979 24.6.1939

Developing spiritual abilities through constant practice ....

In the desire for Divine wisdom, also the love for the Lord is recognizable, and man, who recognizes himself as a product of Divine Love, desires to participate in spirit in the work and rule of the eternal Divinity - i.e., to grasp with his senses all wonders of creation and to know about things, which are purest spiritual good and therefore can only be taken up with the Divine Spirit-spark hidden in him.  Thus, it needs only some practice, and the will of man achieves unbelievable things in spiritual relation.  To fulfill all the duties of the body is also only a matter of more or less practice, for man takes on the skills in various fields by consciously striving for them, and this is the earthly purpose of training himself in the profession he has chosen for his earthly life.

It is the same with all spiritual abilities, which can also be trained to a high degree through constant practice and which bring the success of the ability to penetrate extraordinarily deeply into spiritual areas and to increase spiritual knowledge accordingly.  This striving always presupposes the love of God, for man always wants to possess what he considers desirable.  And he confesses by his desire for spiritual good that he is drawn with soul and spirit to the Divinity, whose product of love he is from eternity.  However, if the love for God does not dwell in him, his senses do not desire the wisdom from God .... They are directed to the world with it's earthly advantages.  Man desires fame and honor, earthly goods and earthly knowledge, and he finds complete fulfillment of his longing in them.

And vice versa, the world will seem stale to the man who has tasted spiritual truth .... For his desire for it will increase the more it is satisfied, but the earthly goods will appear to him irritable and worthless.  And the love for God, for his Creator, will displace everything from the heart, which was ever hidden in it, and the least spiritual food will be far more pleasure for him than all pleasures of the world, because his heart is no longer able to recognize them, if it has once found it's happiness in the presentation of heavenly wisdoms and is allowed to satisfy the hunger for it immediately through the grace of the Lord .... For he who perseveres in the love for Him, his spirit may carry out the flight to the height as often as he wants .... he will always be considered by the Divine Love ....




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