Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Truth ....

The Spirit leads you in the truth, and all thoughts are therefore - if you desire the truth - proclamations of the Spirit awakened to life in you.  If you now appropriate what you have heard from the Spirit - thus make it your spiritual property - you stand in the middle of truth and in the middle of knowledge.  Therefore, first try to listen to the voice within you, i.e., let your thoughts run free, and what your heart is willing to accept, take hold of that, because the Lord puts the right feeling of what is right into your heart, and thus you cannot feel anything else in your heart than the pure truth.  Only where your intellectual thinking drowns out the voice of the heart, there you are in danger of misjudging what is right and fall prey to the spirit of lies.  Let your feelings guide you, and you will not be on the wrong track if the desire for truth fills you.

If you always observe this precondition, then you are protected from all error, because the eternal Divinity, which is Truth in Himself, does not let fall into error those who desires to stand in truth.  His Fatherly love wants to impart the truth to the child on earth, and His power prevents everything impure and lying from entering the heart of the seeker of truth.   And the Source, the Origin of truth, is always and eternally to be sought only with Him.  Whoever entrusts himself to the eternal Godhead Himself, is in the circuit of His love, and he is supplied with His power.

A free relationship with Him, born out of love and the desire for his Creator, also frees the access to all spiritual power, and the spirit in man can get in touch with the Divine primordial Spirit and impart everything visible to Him as spirit, to man; however, he will not reveal something to man which does not agree with truth, because the awakened spirit is truth in itself, and only the unawakened spirit does not know the light, which is called truth.  But the man, whose spirit is still unawakened, does not concern himself with spiritual things, but still clings to the earthly world, or he tries to fathom spiritual things scientifically - thus on purely material thinking - and therefore does not desire truth for the sake of truth, but for the sake of honor, fame and earthly goods.

And since God and all spiritual things have nothing in common with matter, for the one who digs in matter, the truth can never come from God as the eternal Truth Himself.  And again you recognize the limits which the Lord has drawn, that he recognizes Him and the truth who - averse to the world - turns only to the spiritual, that he will always and at all times be the Bearer of truth and therefore can be believed unconditionally in the Word which is imparted to those who seek the Lord in all childlikeness and confidence.... .... that the Father in heaven is their constant spiritual guide and He only gives pure truth to the earthly child through his God-Spirit, which he himself awakened within himself through active love and desire for truth ....




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