Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0990 2.7.1939

Passage through all matter ....
Light-beings ....
Therefore know ....

Everything that you see on earth has gone the way through matter and must cover it in it until the spiritual has become free, i.e., until it can consciously detach itself from it.  In infinitely long time this procedure proceeds - for thousands of years the spiritual is caught in the form and cannot redeem itself, but must go through the course of development through God's will, which is the only possibility to purify the spiritual and to free it once completely from captivity.

The (actual) supposed self-salvation can only start when all preconditions are fulfilled, i.e. the spiritual has already reached a certain state of maturity, but without which it would be impossible to put the being before the last task of self-salvation.  It needs an unbelievably long time on the one hand to let the being in matter feel it's momentary state itself painfully and therefore to awaken in it the desire to become free, so that the next stage of development can be offered to it ....

But on the other hand, the being in all stages of development, has to fulfil important tasks in the whole of creation, and the course through all matter is again the only possibility to overcome it and to master it one day, because the task in the hereafter as a light-being, is to enliven all creation - i.e., to provide again the unredeemed spiritual the possibility to mature through new creations of all kinds.  Therefore all matter must be dominated by the light-being, this light-being itself must have covered the way through matter; and then again the period of this embodiment of the spiritual in the form is to be called infinitesimally small, measured against eternity.

Only the concept of time must be well understood by you humans to make the meaning of your stay on earth fully comprehensible to you, because if you consider that the endless long time before is supposed to have missed it's purpose, if you consider that you as humans have your self-redemption completely in your hand, if you imagine which graces are available to you and how you can use them and it only requires your will to become free of all matter and to leave earthly life in the state of light, If you consider that you as human beings have your self-redemption completely in your hands, if you imagine which blessings are at your disposal and how you can use them and that it only requires your will to become free from all matter and to leave earthly life in the state of light, then you must realize the immense responsibility you yourselves bear in earthly life, and therefore you must well consider the infinitely long course before and strive with all your senses and firm will to detach yourselves from matter.

You leave earthly life after a shorter or longer time, and in a certain state of maturity, you will also suddenly recognize your walk through innumerable works of creation; you will be able to measure the state of maturity which every form brought to you, and it will fall from your eyes like scales with which love the eternal Creator has thought of you and guided you and how little you have rewarded this love in earthly life, which truly offered you enough gifts of favour, but was not quite used by you.  And still you must go the last course on earth without the fullest knowledge about it if it is to be possible for you to transform yourselves into purest light-beings .... Any knowledge would influence you unfavorably as long as you do not strive for the highest perfection on your own initiative.

In order to become perfect on earth, only a deep faith and deepest love for God and therefore also for the neighbor is necessary .... Then also that knowledge is made accessible to man .... Then God's grace and love obviously comes to meet him and helps him to overcome in the last fight on earth, because then the being has already consciously turned to Him and separated from matter .... Thus, the knowledge of this no longer puts him into a compulsive state, but out of free will and by his own drive, he found his way back to the Father ....




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