Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0992 3.7.1939

Helping to bear the suffering of fellow human beings ....
Work of redemption ....

You participate in the Lord's work of redemption if you willingly take the suffering of your fellow human beings on your shoulders, help them to bear it and, in view of Jesus' suffering on the cross, surrender everything the Lord sends you.  Only through suffering can mankind be redeemed, because suffering must be overcome and reduced by active love, and only active love can accomplish the work of redemption.  And love again would have no field of activity, if the suffering on earth did not demand relief and could be controlled by the active love.  And mankind so often turns away in order not to have the suffering of the fellow man before their eyes, thereby hardens the hearts and is so infinitely far away to be actively redeeming on earth.

There is not one among mankind who does not need loving help, and the misery of the time puts all of them into the opportunity to lend a helping hand and to stand by the neighbor in every need.  Whose heart is ready to help, he will also feel where his help is needed, he will recognize the plight of the other and immediately step in; and he will be supported from the spiritual side, to whom the care of the earthly beings is also incumbent.  For the work of these is also only meant for the salvation of erring souls in the hereafter as well as on earth.  The heart of those, which beats in love for all these souls, recognizes the distress of the beings and immediately steps in helpfully, both in spiritual and in earthly relationship.  Because both go hand in hand.

Every help, granted earthly, entails unspeakable blessings, for this is a work of love, and thus man participates in the work of redemption of the Divine Savior, even if still unconsciously.  And so may man make an effort to help and alleviate wherever he sees his fellow man in need, for what he neglects on earth, he must make up for in the hereafter - but on earth, it bears immeasurable fruit. ....




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