Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0995 5.7.1939

Day of separation ....
Rage of the elements ....
Natural events ....

The Lord lets the world events go their course as it is determined since eternity, because humans themselves desire their downfall since they likewise bring about the separation from God themselves, because they have already given Him up in the heart and therefore do not hesitate to deny him also outwardly.  And therefore the day of separation must come .... The day when the righteous are separated from the unrighteous and each one finds the well-deserved reward.  Mankind does not believe until judgment will overtake them, sin takes over and man no longer respects his neighbor's property, he falls into sin and vice and therefore has to expect an imminent end if he does not decide to repent.

And the end will be there very soon .... people will think themselves on the height of their life when the end will come .... They will still strive to gain everything beautiful from the world, they will indulge in the pleasures of life, indulge in their desires, regard themselves as masters of creation and think of no higher power and will be torn from the middle of the highest enjoyment of life by this power, which will bring an end when they do not think of it anymore.   The world's frenzy will be so great, that they will not heed the admonition from above, which will still reach them in the last hour through God's grace and mercy.  They will scorn what points upward and put in chains whoever goes against them by the word.

And then the decay begins spiritually and earthly .... And no-one will be able to save himself without Divine help .... And the misery will be great, the forces of nature will have a devastating effect, the earth will burst, the waters will roar, the mountains will move and valleys will be buried, fertile land will turn into desert, and nothing on earth will be spared or offer protection to those who want to escape the judgment.  And such violence will the elements unfold, that everything will be destroyed what human hands let come into being, and that boundless misery will rule where before was earthly power and glory.  Everyone will be small and powerless in the face of this rage of nature ....

And the Lord will be heard with a voice of thunder in this roaring that fills the whole earth. And only he will be saved whose heart sends a heartfelt sigh to the heavenly Father.  But the Lord pays as little attention to the hardened sinner as he did to Him, and lets him perish, so that the earth may only serve as a place of residence for the man who recognizes a God in heaven and wants to serve Him.  But whoever prays to the Father in greatest distress, will find grace before His eyes and will likewise be miraculously rescued from all distress .... And blessed are those who carry the Lord in their hearts and are prepared to face the coming judgment .... The Lord will lovingly help them so that they do not lose faith in Him in the greatest distress, but remain strong and leave themselves fearlessly and trustingly to the Father in heaven.  He will lead them out of all distress ....




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Dear friends of the Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde,

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Therefore we are looking for translators who would like to help us to continue translating this work into English.

As a native English speaker with a love and understanding of these revelations, you have the right qualifications to help further translate this great work and participate in its dissemination. Your possible cooperation is expected with pleasure.

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