Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0997 6.7.1939

New spiritual kingdom ....
(received during a strong thunderstorm)

Thus the new time begins, the new spiritual kingdom .... everything will tremble which was before in rest, and unspeakably agitated will be everything spiritual, and only the will belonging to God, has justification in this coming time of maturity.  And the world will be brought down and with it, everything that is hostile to the soul.  Then the spirit will detach itself from matter and swing up to the height, and it will seek it's Creator in order to give Him the honor for all eternity. ....

And when this time is approaching, the Lord makes Himself known so that all the world hears Him .... He calls on those who are in arrears and reminds them often to remember their souls; He bears witness to His power and knocks on everyone's heart, seeking entrance, and with a loud voice He warns them who forget Him.  And when He comes to earth in power and glory, then the new spiritual kingdom will have risen, and the day of light will have dawned, which will replace the spiritual night, and the darkness will part and the dawn will herald the day, and those who experience the coming of the new kingdom, will rejoice in the light. ....



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