Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Spiritual poverty ....
Spiritual riches ....
Earthly renunciation ....

It is an inconceivable happiness when man's mind is directed to the eternal-immortal.  All the spirit of the present time seeks only the earthly and has become almost unsurpassable in the desire for the world; it almost never enters into a state of self-contemplation, and man remains superficial in his nature, full of lust and earthly-minded, and yet he should constantly be aware of his spiritual poverty, his empty inner life and his extremely endangered state of soul, and he should make an unwavering effort to free himself from this sorrowful situation of the soul.

Only he who desires God and His kingdom can be accepted into the circle of the knowing and thus draw from the eternal Source, and this spiritual knowledge is so immeasurably valuable, for it promotes the soul immensely in it's higher development, and so it also recognizes the uselessness of earthly life, Even if it is not granted any bodily pleasures and joys in earthly life, it still has faith in imperishability, in eternal life and it's glory, and is far richer and happier than it could ever be in earthly enjoyment.

And all the power of the world cannot deliver what the Lord God promises to His own, for it cannot give anything of itself that the Lord does not give or that is His will from eternity; on the other hand, He will give His own inner happiness and spiritual gifts and also earthly goods in abundance, if man desires spiritual wealth and perseveres in love for the Lord and his neighbor. .... But how poorly will the world think of him ....

How devastatingly small will be the successes that a man will have to show at the end of his days, and what a lack of spiritual good will mark the uselessness of earthly life and what painful remorse will such an imperfect soul feel .... But heaven will be open to the earthly child who has renounced all earthly pleasures and turned to eternity.  The earth-life is truly short .... what the man has missed in this, will be given to him abundantly in that life, and inestimable good will be found there again, if it has been gathered on earth and the life beyond has thought of.

Man asks God's Spirit about things that are still incomprehensible to him, and He wants to bring him understanding.  However, if he does not find the ground prepared, he cannot receive an answer, because to receive it, he needs the will to renounce earthly enjoyment and to seek only spiritual edification.  This replaces a thousand-fold what he gives away, because earthly happiness is like foam, it passes away and leaves nothing behind that is of eternal value.

But spiritual striving collects spiritual riches and stimulates man to ever more eager penetration into spiritual knowledge, and the Divine blessing will not fail to come, and such an earthly child will be given in excess, so that it does not need to live in want when it has left earthly life.  For the Lord distributes His abundance of love to the one who desires Him and His love. ....




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As a native English speaker with a love and understanding of these revelations, you have the right qualifications to help further translate this great work and participate in its dissemination. Your possible cooperation is expected with pleasure.

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