Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1000 9.7.1939

Motivation for neighborly love ....

The motive of Christian love for the neighbor has completely changed from what it should be from God, and this is due to the fact that mankind is no longer aware of how necessary "love in itself" is for the return to the Father and how everything in the universe is closely related to the concept of love.  Love for matter is spiritual death, but love for the neighbor and therefore to God as Creator of all things, is spiritual life.  Where always only true love would be active, no spiritual decline can be observed, but where love for matter predominates, there all spiritual is completely lost.

Love is the highest thing on earth and points to God .... However, if it inclines to earthly possessions, it increases matter and pulls down .... The more man is filled with the feeling of love, the more clearly the Spirit will be able to express Itself in him, but this love must apply to God and the neighbor, but not to matter.  Now an extremely wrong thinking has brought mankind so far that it is no longer able to distinguish what is right, i.e. Divine Love .... whether this arises from the heart or has it's origin in the physical life of man, in purely physical desires.

The human being, who is driven by inner love to do good, does not think of any earthly reward, but this holy feeling of love is so merged with his ego, that he cannot help but be lovingly active. .... There is in him the urge to help, to comfort and to give wherever his (love) help is needed.  He does not calculate anxiously, does not share measuredly with the neighbor, but is only permeated by deep love for the neighbor, and this is the right love before God, which is also the right way to eternal life .....

Man, however, who remains only in matter, is only concerned to increase matter on earth, i.e. earthly goods, and to draw his advantage from everything.  If he now helps his neighbor, he always calculate to have some benefit from it, and pure, unselfish charity is an incomprehensible concept to him.  But calculating love can never have a redeeming effect, and again charity is the greatest factor that has to be reckoned with .... Man is supposed to redeem himself through love, but the love of possessions mostly takes precedence and prevents him from practicing unselfish love.  Whoever wants to comply with the Divine commandment, must willingly renounce matter, he must learn to despise it, only then can pure love fill his heart .... he learns to love God - and thus also his neighbor - if matter is nothing to him anymore .... since love is all too often in a wrong sense inherent in man.

He who loves himself more, is also greedy for all earthly possessions, and the eternal Godhead is still far away from him .... he must first willingly give up everything that connects him with matter .... he must seek to be rid of it and to shape himself into love .... only then does man experience the inner transformation; he senses in himself the spark of Divine love and now cannot help but transfer this to people, and only this is the right Christian love for the neighbor, which has a redeeming effect in the true sense of the word ....




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