Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1001 9.7.1939

Subordination of the will ....
Insight into the abode of the spirits ....

The eternal Divinity expects from you your will and the use of all power .... therefore you may only surrender your will, but receive divine power immeasurably, and the meaning and purpose of your earthly life is completely fulfilled.  For if you submit your will to the Lord, He now directs you in such a way as is useful to you, and gives you the strength to now be able to meet all requirements.  So then every responsibility is taken away from you, because you have willingly handed it over to the Lord, you are in full possession of Divine power .... It will therefore not be difficult for you to do what the Lord requires of you through His commandments ....

And thus you fully prepare yourselves for life in eternity and can leave earthly life in a perfect state, for then you will also have love .... since the subordination of one's own will to Divine will is conditional in the love for God.  However, where love for God is lacking in man, he will not submit joyfully either, but will want to rebel and act against the Divine will.  As a child of God, however, the feeling of love for the Father must outweigh everything else, and out of such love is born the will to serve Him and to keep His commandments .... Perishable goods must be sacrificed to Him, spiritual wealth must be striven for with all zeal and only the soul must be thought of, the body must be disregarded.  And then the Father in heaven will bring His child home, because he has fulfilled his mission on earth. ....

And now the Father wants to announce to you how the spirit, which is in you, strives for the separation of your soul from matter .... He wants to let you have an insight into the realm which is it's true home, which is only allowed to the soul if it has united itself with the Spirit of God.  Full of harmony and yet varied appear to the viewer the areas that grant the stay of the soul united with the spirit.  For such a soul, nothing imperfect can touch it anymore and also figuratively nothing can disturb it, because where the light shines, there everything impure is far away, and a soul which has become one with it's spirit, stands in the light.

As soon as the soul has escaped from the earth or it's body, all heaviness, all burdens of the earth is taken away from it, it sees everything in radiant light from that moment on and is no longer touched by the heaviness that affects humans.  And an indescribable feeling of bliss tells it about the nearness of the Divine Savior, and the desire for Him is so immeasurably great, that the Lord satisfies this desire - which arises from the love for Him, with His presence - and this is the epitome of all bliss for His creature, which now only becomes what it was from the beginning .... a part of the eternal Deity and thus Divine love-power .....

This power communicates itself again to the beings, whom the happy light-being wants to assist, because it must now give in the same measure as it receives, and unspeakably happy is that state, and everything what offers itself to the spiritual eye of the light-being, is of such incomparable beauty .... and the being rejoices in it's freedom and remembers with horror the fetter in earthly life, which held it in bonds for a long time.

Now that the soul has succeeded in the union with the spirit, everything heavy and burdensome remains far behind, and only now the soul recognizes how necessary the conscious striving for this union was and how oppressive the bound state was for the spirit.  And now it's striving is directed with greatest eagerness to the redemption of other souls from their captivity, and it now does everything in turn to assist them with enlightenment and help, and is indescribably busy and active if it is necessary to facilitate their way up, so that one day also these souls will become free and they can enter the kingdom of peace. ....




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