Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1006 14.7.1939

The soul chooses it's own earthly life ....

The soul has chosen it's stay in the flesh by itself, and therefore the objection is unfounded that man is forced to be what he is on earth.  The being even received an exact description of the life on earth beforehand, the way on earth was presented to it, likewise also the degree of maturity which can be reached in this very life, and the being therefore put on the body of flesh in fullest agreement and consciously became that to which it had given it's consent to beforehand.  If the earthly walk does not bring maturity to him through his own fault, it is only due to the will - or rather unwillingness - of man, who does not use life on earth in the way it can be used.

Who neglects to be lovingly active on earth, his life is lived in vain, and this activity in love is just the most necessary thing to reach the state of perfection.  And if the soul considers that the embodiment as a human being puts all kinds of fetters on it, if it considers that opportunities are offered everywhere to loosen these fetters and to be able to reach a truly high degree of maturity in a short time, then the recognition of the missed life is so unspeakably bitter for it, that the remorse for the missed opportunity means true hell for it .....

And all spiritual power cannot succeed in sparing the soul from this state of remorse, and that is why it even makes a mighty impact on the soul while it is on earth .... and tries to influence a misguided being both spiritually and physically and to awaken the soul's sense of responsibility, so that it recognizes it's task on earth and pays more attention to it's work of liberation.  Once man has imagined that only his will frees him from his fetters, but that otherwise also the wrong will endangers the later life of the soul, then he no longer lives thoughtlessly into the day, but seeks to gain spiritual advantages, and at the same time he uses all opportunities for the exercise of love for the neighbor, because the soul feels it's actual task exactly in this, and it also likes to dwell in these spheres, where it does not feel physical pressure.

It has certainly taken life upon itself with the intention to use it to reach perfection, but the wrong thinking in earthly life mostly comes from the fact that the soul does not reach this state quickly enough and therefore keeps itself harmless earthly, i.e. it considers the sham goods as real good and misjudges the true purpose on earth, but then seeks the supposed guilt in an extraordinarily burdening earthly life, while it creates this burdening state for itself.  A good, God-pleasing life on earth in active charity, will let the human being outgrow himself in such a way that he will no longer be aware of the apparently bad circumstances and thus the self-chosen life in the flesh will bring him fullest redemption .....




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