Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1019 23.7.1939

Creature ....
Creation ....
The human ....

The life-course of all creatures requires a complete detachment from the solid form.  Only what is free, can go the way prescribed to it as an individual being in nature, as seemingly isolated vegetating in the creation until it has gone through all stations of embodiment and has covered the way on earth.  A separation from the respective outer form must take place, always repeating itself, in order to have overcome exactly this form completely.  Each new form means for the being a fight - and in the end the defeat of the form by the separating from it.  A continuous transformation of the outer shell can only be possible in this way, and everything that lives on earth, in the air and in the water, again and again gives the shell up for it's own further development.

Therefore the beings are capable of change as long as they are immature - i.e. unfinished - and it is arranged by the eternal Creator exceedingly wisely, that a permanent change takes place in the natural life .... that every living being's coming into being and passing away is secured - and without interruption, the earth's surface offers habitation to innumerable small living beings, which are in perpetual transformation.  It would be incomprehensible to the human being if the diversity and also the multiplicity should be numerically proven to him .... Countless creations and inestimable variations for human terms, testify to the wisdom and omnipotence of the Creator.

Man is to be called infinitely small and tiny, measured by the glory and greatness of the work of creation - and nevertheless he himself stands in the center of this creation.  He is the goal of all creation .... he has gone through all creation and contains all works of creation in smallest rendition in himself, and for the sake of the people - i.e. For the sake of man, i.e. his soul - the whole work of creation has come into being, because man shall become a child of God, the image of the Divine Father, and therefore the purpose of the work of creation is an extremely powerful one and man standing in the middle of the work of creation is, so to speak, the most glorious work of God's creation, and again every creature serves the soul, which is imperishable, for the former perfection .....




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