Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1022 24.7.1939

Faith-warriors ....
The power of faith ....

The Lord appoints those who are to proclaim Him to all the world, and He gives them His instructions and trains them to be true warriors for His name and His Word.  And so the task has also become yours to educate yourself, so that you can stand up for the Lord, if it is necessary.  In the coming time, only one thing is necessary .... To stand faithfully by the Lord and Savior and to fight for the faith .... Then the Divine Savior will take everything else under His care, and no harm will come to any of His warriors from offering themselves for the service of the Divine Lord and Master.

However, whoever falters or completely abandons his faith for the sake of worldly advantage, will also have to endure a hard life-struggle and will not be able to escape it in spite of external well-being, because he has abandoned the One who is in control of the individual's life, and thus he will have to bitterly atone for his unfaithfulness to his Creator.  True faith is still an extraordinarily strong weapon in the fight against all adversities of life .... And even if people have already lost their faith, they will still feel it's power and strength and recognize that he who turns to the Lord in faith, is under Divine protection, but that he who goes his way on earth without faith, is helpless and abandoned.

And so children of the earth who are willing to believe, devoted to God and ready to serve, are well-instructed, so that they can give information to the people who are erring or searching, so that they are to pass on God's Word to them, awaken or strengthen their faith and teach them about love, which alone leads man upwards.  And those whom the Lord now mentions, are to fulfill their task most diligently, they are to remain in constant contact with the Lord, they are to be the intermediaries, to receive the Divine truth from His hand and to pass it on to those who are searching .... and to teach the erring ones correctly, so that they recognize their error and find their way back to the right faith.

And therefore also to you who want to serve the Lord, the admonitions go out not to become lukewarm, but to strive eagerly that your knowledge is increased and that you remain spiritually up to the task - that you teach in all love and patience those who ask for advice and help from you and remain in constant prayer for strength of will and perseverance. .... This task must be the most important thing on earth for you, which you put before everything else, and you must not tire of collecting spiritual goods, because only when you possess yourselves, will you also be able to give, and then your perseverance will bear ripe fruit and be a blessing for you and your fellow men .... because those who serve the Lord, will receive their reward one day in eternity. ....




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Dear friends of the Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde,

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Therefore we are looking for translators who would like to help us to continue translating this work into English.

As a native English speaker with a love and understanding of these revelations, you have the right qualifications to help further translate this great work and participate in its dissemination. Your possible cooperation is expected with pleasure.

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