Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1027 29.07.1939

Monastic life ....
(Concerning a previous conversation)

As soon as the change begins in the life of a woman's soul her ability for spiritual acceptance will increase; and during this time all worldly experiences can have a retrospective effect on the state of the soul. For a period of years certain laws of nature are influencing the human body such that it cannot counteract them without damaging itself .... This compulsion is effectively necessary in order to preserve the human being's sexuality which, in turn, is absolutely essential for procreation. As long as this instinct is clearly expressing itself, as long as the person is always trying to accommodate it, the soul's desire for spiritual nourishment will not voice itself ....

This becomes more understandable as the human being's desire for physical fulfilment of the natural instinct decreases. This very desire automatically ties the human being to earth as if he was chained .... he is unable to ascend spiritually, and therefore the development of his soul becomes doubtful. Consequently, no pure, God-pleasing relationship can ever be established from earth to the spiritual world as long as the body's desire still aims to fulfil its natural instinct, because these two worlds do not harmonise with each other. Although God Himself has placed this natural instinct into the human being he also has the option to resist it voluntarily. However, when people indulge in it without hesitation the soul's ascent will be obstructed .... whereas every resistance to this desire will also loosen the soul's chains .... And therefore it is extraordinary beneficial when the human being fights his craving during that time. Giving way to this instinct is only intended by God for the purpose of creating a new human being, otherwise every person should make an effort to live a pure life since he will provide the soul with undreamt of spiritual advantages.

Once this physical impulse is overcome, i.e. once it has been successfully resisted and thus the fulfilment of bodily lust is no longer banishing the soul in a state of constraint, it is free for its flight of ascent, and it will then be able to make uninhibited contact with the spiritual world. The human being was provided with every opposition in order to overcome it in life, and it is far more commendable to have resisted and defied the world with all its oppositions than to have deliberately avoided it. The Father in heaven knows of everyone's desire and the degree of love for Him, consequently He will also provide His children with trials in order to test their will of resistance, and this should to be sufficient for you ....




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