Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1041 8.8.1939

Circle of the knowledgeable under control ....
Activity of the mind ....

Whoever is once accepted into the circle of the knowing, will never be able to escape the blessing of these revelations, because his spirit recognized the truth out of God and now also strives towards the fullest union with Him, and everything what man now does, is the  unconscious driving of his spirit, and he therefore also remains in constant connection with spiritual power in the good sense, because what man strives for, that is hidden in his deepest depths .... Man himself is not able to recognize it - the spirit, however, is unhindered in recognizing and knows about every finest impulse, about it's actual task and pursues it unabatedly.

Therefore, influences from the outside may storm on the human being in a way that often seems to be obstructive, but this does not impose any restriction on the spirit in him, he is not affected by any influences from the outside, because he can free himself at any time and separate from his envelopment.  The strangest phenomena are signs of this separation from the body .... The body becomes tired and apathetic, while the spirit is in tremendous activity apart from the body and this then appears in the consciousness of man as a completely apathetic state.

Whoever knows himself to be accepted in the circle of the knowing, his experience is constantly controlled by spiritual beings, and such measureless arrangements have been made in spiritual regard, that erring or straying away from the gained knowledge is no longer to be feared, since the very spirit can now only unfold itself unhindered and now also takes care itself that man remains in Divine order.

It is true that now spiritual forces which serve the opponent, will likewise want to test their power on the now knowledgeable people, and this will be noticeable by enormous resistances, which oppose an earnest striving .... There are objections and contradictions from outside, which cause doubts to arise in man - noticeable expressions of these forces, but the power of these is small in contrast to the good spiritual forces [who are] concerned about the earthly child, and it will be enlightened again and again in cases of doubt by the awakened Spirit of God.  But there is a certain danger only when man stagnates .... when he tires of working on himself .... when he believes himself to be perfect ....

However, this is always a sign of a not yet complete liberation of the spirit, and therefore this danger can only threaten in the beginning of the spiritual striving and is to a certain extent due to the effort of the bad forces, which were not resisted enough by too easily listening to their evil whispers, which tried to make man arrogant, and hence the earthly child succumbed.  But if man always commends himself to Divine grace and love in heartfelt prayer, he will never suffer shipwreck .... Man should never trust too much in his own strength, but always and everywhere implore God's help, and he will have nothing to fear, and with Divine help, will reach his goal ....




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