Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1065 21.8.1939

Negative attitude ....
Wilderness ....
Seed ....

A negative attitude towards the work of the Divine Spirit corresponds completely to a barren area, a desert.  The soil cannot provide nourishment for any plant, and therefore nothing can arise unless diligent workers dare to make the soil fruitful, which requires unspeakable patience and perseverance and, last but not least, the blessing from above.  It is the same with people to whom the gospel is preached incessantly, but with whom it falls on stony ground .... because everything that Divine Love lets such people receive, is left unnoticed and cannot reach the soul, until the workers of the Lord find them and prepare with greatest effort, patience and love, the ground for the reception of the seed, which shall bear a thousand-fold fruit .....

Human thinking resembles a barren desert, which is only turned to the earthly life, but is averse to everything spiritual.  And the sun, whose rays are life-awakening, can shine incessantly, but it will never succeed in bringing forth a plant from the stony rubble .... just as the highest spiritual knowledge of a man would not be sufficient to want to transfer it to a rejecting, unprepared human being, who accepts the Divine Words apathetically, but never considers deep in the heart .... that there is the field, which is to receive the sowing .... .

And therefore it is hard work, and nevertheless it must be tackled .... all workers who stand in the service of the Lord, must engage themselves that the fallow ground is made fruitful - and with unspeakable patience, the love of the Creator for His creatures must presented to them, until they put their own hands to it and make an effort to take care of the further spreading of the Divine seed.  And it will sprout very delicately and will overgrow all hitherto lifeless and dead rock, and the effort, love and patience of the workers will be blessed, because new life will arise from the former desert of ignorance.

And the Lord will bless the workers who, for His sake, undertook the unspeakably great work and thereby led so many souls to knowledge and who - although their work seemed almost hopeless - did not tire and cultivated barren, infertile land .... i.e. imparted true knowledge to ignorant, God-rejecting people and thus contributed to those people no longer remaining dead and lifeless in spirit ....




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