Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1071 26.8.1939

Nature's law ....
Will become form ....

Investigate in the spirit, and you will recognize that all life in nature develops according to laws.  And if you now desire an explanation, you must ask the Originator of this lawfulness, and you will be enlightened.  In nature, the rule and work of the eternal Godhead is most clearly recognizable, because everything repeats itself in a certain order, in always the same timespan, in always the same order, in form and kind according to the Divine will.  And therefore all development in nature is an eternally repeating process, which is subject again to a certain rhythm; and on the part of man, an apparent change of this order can be brought about, but no interference with the laws of the Divine Creator can ever happen without any harmful effect.

If the creative Spirit of God visibly expresses Himself in everything that surrounds man and he is not able to stop the work of God or to work against it, there can be no doubt that a will controls everything and that man is powerless against this will.  He must realize that he too is subject to the same laws, that he too must be the product of this directing will of the Lawgiver.

And it follows from it that all natural coming into being would again be unthinkable if the Divine Creator would like to withdraw His will from it, because everything what exists and comes into being, is only the will of God which has become form.  Everything arbitrary and irregular would certainly give rise to doubts, but the tiniest work of creation testifies to unsurpassable wisdom and omnipotence, and whoever attentively observes only the smallest work of creation, can never close his mind to the realization that an exceedingly wise Creator must be at work, Who creates and rules in the most exact order and most perfect planning ....



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