Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1079 2.9.1939

Subordination of the will ....
Awakening of the Spirit of God ....

The One who works in you recognizes your will, and the Spirit needs this, so that He can express Himself and no resistance be put up against His work.  All spiritual seeks to break through the shell, and when it has succeeded in doing so, it strives upward .... The will of man is the shell that often keeps him imprisoned when he resists everything spiritual .... And then it is unspeakably difficult for the Divine Spirit in man to make Himself felt.  But if the will subordinates itself to the Divine Spirit, then all resistance is broken and the higher development of man - or his soul - is guaranteed.  And therefore first the will has to bend .... the will has to become weak and yielding, so that the spirit can control it, while conversely up to now, the will was strong and unbending in all bodily desires ....

Now, however, the strength of the will must apply to the spiritual alone; everything that is accomplished by the will of man, must be directed only by the spirit in him, and then every action, every thought and every word will only ever testify to the spiritual, and all bodily desires will recede into the background.  And thus the will of man was subordinated to the will of God, His Spirit was set free, so that He can develop into tremendous activity.  And this activity of the Spirit extends to the most diverse teachings, which are now offered to man in manifold ways.

All teachings dictated by God's Spirit in man, are carefully selected in structure as well as in scripture and guarantee the purest truth in content, and nothing is offered haphazardly or inexpediently, but carefully prepared and given for a certain purpose.  And what seems strange and unacceptable to one, is immediately understandable to another, and the reason is the degree of maturity or love of the one who examines such Divine spiritual gifts.

And this is again so easy to explain, since the fetters of the spirit in a loving person are just so weak, that Divine transmissions can break these weak fetters and thus Spirit meets spirit.  And thus never the sharpness of the intellect, but the goodness and love of the heart, will subdue the jail-keeper of the spirit .... the will .... and since goodness and love is Divine, the will will bow to the Divine and thus liberate the spirit.  And a liberated spirit soars .... It leaves the previous narrowness and now moves in all freedom ....

He is henceforth in vigorous activity and spurs the people on to love, because he himself recognizes Love as the Origin of all spiritual .... he is only truly viable in love, and where he expresses himself, love must already be rooted in the heart of man, otherwise an exchange of thoughts cannot happen and man would also not be receptive to it, for spirit must always speak to spirit, never can the spirit express itself to a man whose spirit is still in the firm bonds of a false will, thus unawakened ....

The thought-transmissions would pass like empty sound by the ears of such a person.  And therefore the will of man first needs to be able to receive .... The will that has been too strong in the worldly, must be sacrificed and in its place, the holy will must become strong, which seeks connection with the Divinity .... He must suppress everything opposing and submit himself unconditionally to the Divine will, thus also the Spirit will become active and communicate to the earthly man what is of blessing for him ....




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