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BD 1087 9.9.1939

Entering into the Will of God ....
(After reading the Catholic book about will).

See, My child, in My creation are innumerable God-connected souls, partly perfect, partly struggling for perfection, and this is not the merit of the individual alone - but My greater than great love drew these creatures to Me and sought to come to their aid in the struggle for perfection.  If only one of My beings carries the desire for Me in the heart and corresponds to it - therefore does what seems right to it to enter into contact with Me - then it therefore already submits to My will, and I can then easily direct it and also reveal Myself to such a being to a certain extent.  The slightest inclination towards Me causes Me to take hold of My created being and no longer let it fall.

The more intimately this creature joins Me, the more effectively My love can be expressed, and consequently the process of ennoblement will start and it's success will be recognizable in the shortest time.  I alone feel the intimacy of the requests, I alone recognize the degree of love which is meant for Me, I also see the soul's struggle for perfection, and I therefore also know what is right to offer the earthly child, because nothing in it's inner life is a secret to Me.  I therefore enliven the spirit in the same degree as the love is turned towards Me, and this leads the earthly child to the right knowledge, it introduces it to the right truth.

Who serves Me with the deed, he subordinates himself to My will, because I have made activity a law for you, and if you remain busily active and insert yourselves into the laws of Divine order, my love-Spirit looks after you and reveals Himself to you.  And only the active love-work makes you into My true children and enables you also to receive My Word .... I do not demand a show from you earthly children before the whole world, I am always content with your serious will to act according to My will - then I also lead the earthly child so that it comes ever closer to Me and will no longer need to walk alone on earth.  And when it hears My Word, it must already have subordinated it's will to Mine and therefore have entered into My will .....

However, it must also not slacken in the struggle for perfection and therefore ask for Me again and again from the deepest heart, then it will also continuously abandon it's own will, and it does not need any formal, external proof.  What you think and strive for in the deepest inside, is alone valid before Me - because I need no confirmation of it, since your thoughts are sufficiently known to Me.  And I bless the one whose spirit soars up to Me out of his own drive, and he will truly feel My blessing.

The unbelievably short-sighted person takes an example of those who show their piety before all the world, because the truly pious hides himself and holds a dialogue with his Creator in the quiet chamber.  And if you do something publicly ....  if you only want to show a perfect being, you already have your reward on earth, because mankind pays you reverence and admiration.  However, My true children get lost in the world's gears, they fight their way through and offer resistance to the world and it's temptations, and consider it much more valuable to get in touch with their Creator in the midst of the world and to surrender to Him and submit to His will.

And you will recognize where the truth is commanded, because it is imperishably the Word of God, which the Lord communicates to those who truly fulfill His will .... And so it is unequivocally proven that earthly ecclesiastical power only gives approval where also it's commandments have been complied with, and therefore what has been examined under such conditions cannot be of value, because the examiners themselves lack any higher knowledge.  But to the souls who long for Me, I take care of Myself in all love, and secure their spiritual progress, because My love is meant for all My earthly children who carry Me in their hearts .....




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