Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1092 14.9.1939

Opposing powers uninvolved in natural events ....

The course of the world is conditioned in eternally constant regularity, and therefore one or the other world, i.e. the individual world-bodies, cannot arbitrarily subordinate themselves to other laws, which would be contrary to those of the eternal Godhead .... Therefore it is also impossible that the forces from the underworld could take part in any way in the governing of the creation or could express their power in such a way that the effects of these would be recognizable contrary to the Divine will.

It would be e.g. absurd to assume that God could leave His creations to other forces than those serving Him, so that these influences destroy or degrade the creations; and still much less would it be conceivable that these forces could raise themselves to ruling opponents of the eternal Godhead directing all of creation, because everything in the universe is subject to the Divine will without exception .... And the counterforce is only allowed to test it's power on the soul embodied in man .... as it can on the one hand weaken the human will and resistance to the utmost, but likewise cause it to the highest resistance and therefore also stimulate the human soul to the highest activity.  But the power of the opponent does not go beyond this at all.

And if one wanted to believe that in creation, God-opposing forces could express themselves, this is an enormous error .... The course of the worlds will remain the same in eternity, and all celestial bodies, all suns, all world-bodies will move in the order which has been predetermined for them since eternity, and every change will still be based on the same, since eternity determined, wise plan of the Creator.  And this is now also to explain that the Creator of all things is also now at work, so great changes will affect one of His works of creation, the earth - which could easily lead the ignorant to the assumption that here the counter-power .... the evil in the spiritual world .... unfolds it's tremendous forces to run riot and to cause confusion among the people ....

The demons are certainly at work - however not directly - .... to transform the earth's surface .... but they have exerted their influence on the human soul and so completely weakened their will to resist and forced their will upon themselves, that the Deity now wants to put an end to this activity and thus wants to prove to humanity the perfection of His power, which extends over all areas, in order to turn their mind to Him, since there is no other option, the human being's free will shall remain untouched and yet the soul, which has already become too deeply entangled in the enemy's nets, shall be offered help in it's dreadful situation.

And therefore should man's thoughts concern themselves a little more with the origin of all creations.  Who looks at everything what is created and is able to recognize the will of love, which moved the Creator of all things to let everything come into being, he will also recognize the wisdom which guides and leads everything created .... And therefore he will also then recognize the hand of the Divine Creator in all events originating in the rule of nature .... And he will understand that everything must come and happen in such a way, because God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, can do nothing which is not exceedingly wisely planned since eternity ....




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