Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1097 18.1939

Forces of the Earth's Interior ....
Laws of nature ....
Will of man ....

As the worldly wisdom tries in vain to find an explanation about which power controls the interior of the earth, so it will also never be possible for it to analyze these powers, and will therefore make vain attempts to subject the unexplored earth-powers to their will.  The Divine Creator Himself lets His will rule and certainly directs the thinking of a believing person in such a way that he comes close to the truth .... However, He has His plan with every creation, and therefore people can only assert their human influence in the way that they carry out what their own will prescribes to them - but the effects of their actions concerning reshaping the work of creation .... therefore change of the earth's surface .... can never appear differently than how the will of God approves it.

Because ultimately all of creation is subject to the Divine will .... Only man's acting and thinking is free .... Therefore, all thinking, which does not have deep faith as a basic condition, must remain without final result; man will always only search and seek with such thinking, but never come to the right result .... So man errs as long as he wants to reach knowledge without God, no matter which direction his thinking takes.

Man's intellectual knowledge is truly too small to explore the forces of the earth's interior, because these forces - which are of pure spiritual origin, even if still standing for the most part in the beginning of their development - are so enormous and only banished by the will of God, i.e. forced to limit their urge to activity, because the power of these unredeemed beings would be enough to destroy everything, if they were allowed free activity.

Since therefore every activity of these forces is dependent on the will of God, so it is again impossible for the human will to make use of these forces in a way contrary to God, what however would be the will of man, if he could penetrate intellectually into the laws of nature, which concern especially the elements of the earth's interior.  Only a man standing in faith comes closer to the truth, but he will never misuse his knowledge for anything but God-willed actions.

Nothing is without sense in the creation, and so also the forces in the earth will have to fulfill their purpose then if it corresponds to the Divine will.  All these forces, however, are subject to the same law, which first of all aims at the preservation of the created.  But if these forces express themselves destructively, then also there the Divine will is at work, and neither an opposing force nor human will is the cause of such work, but both only insofar indirectly, as they have provoked that moment, through joint work against the will of God.

All natural disasters are therefore a consequence of the wrong will of humans, but not an action brought about by humans themselves, and it must be emphasized again and again that a catastrophe can never be explained in such a way that man's disregard of physical forces would be the cause ... and that these forces could be explored intellectually and accordingly weakened or their effects could be completely canceled out ...



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