Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1112 24.9.1939

No action is futile ....
Wrongful views ....
Spiritual knowledge ....

Those who stand in knowledge recognize the Divine power in everything that happens.  They know that everything is first based on the will of God, they also know that nothing happens without intention and that the events fit together in such a way that they always serve the maturing of everything spiritual in creation.  And this knowledge is of quite special advantage if one stands against the many wrong views which want to eliminate God's wisdom, love and omnipotence and want to designate this Divine power to mere effects of the forces of nature .....

Nothing in the universe is unintentional, thus coincidence .... There is always a certain purpose underlying an event, but people mostly do not recognize this purpose .... Since on the other hand, however, a little attention to all natural events reveals definite planning and therefore a wise Creator must be indisputably recognized, so also every event must correspond to the counsel of the eternal Wisdom and therefore have it's origin in it, and therefore something well-considered in the Divine plan cannot be criticized or even denied from human side.

But it cannot be explained to mankind that the will of God sometimes expresses itself where - according to human judgement - only a violent intervention is inappropriate .... For they do not understand that the spiritual condition of man requires many things that are difficult to explain to the intellectually thinking person, and that therefore also those people must be affected who in the eyes of the world are pure and spotless, but before God, are very flawed.

And for the sake of these, great upheavals are being prepared in world-affairs, for the sake of these, the earth will still see much suffering.  However, no suffering is without the Divine Lord's intention, and also for the sake of these, an unmistakable judgement will have to come from above, so that only these will be saved, because the world does not see as the heavenly Father does, with the eyes of love on the creatures, but it blindly judges according to appearances, it knows nothing about the necessity of all Divine intervention but only sees the suffering which comes over mankind, and only he who stands in knowledge, knows that only love and mercy motivates the heavenly Father to do everything and that this is necessary for the sake of the souls ....



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